Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you have all had a relaxing Christmas period, but now its back to daily life…sigh. My holidays were lovey, although I definitely put off all my assignments until teh last minute and so am rushing to get them done! So with that in mind…I wrote a blog post instead…ha.

Christmas is a time for many things but with shops shouting about sales from Thanksgiving onwards (even though we don’t celebrate it here in the UK,…) presents is one thing everyone recalls. I genuinely love presents. Not necessarily what the present is but I love giving and receiving presents. I like giving people things so much I can never buy a friend a present in advance! If I buy it in June they’re getting it in June! This Christmas I have felt really blessed with the gifts my family and friends have given me and wanted to share a couple of the things I got! I didn’t publish my Christmas wishlist  this year but I was happy to get quite a couple of the things on the list~

I got some super cute wide leg trousers from Urban Outfitters and new pjs (as is tradition in our house), I’ve already worn the trouser so many times I’m obsessed haha. I also got two pairs of shoes, some Superstar trainers and some boots from Zara that I bought myself in the boxing day sale after having to return a present that didn’t fit, my sister also gave the SOFTEST throw for my bed because my house is so cold (student life)

It’s no secret I like home comforts so I was so happy to get candles and tea from so many people haha, I’m certain it’ll all be gone by February! I also got some beauty products which I’m super excited to try and may do a review on later~ I also finally got a hard drive to store all my highness pics! No more lagging computer problems!

I also got so many cool accessories! I love unique earrings so these clear chains are definitely an item I’ll wear a lot! and with Gucci colours in fashion you cant really go wrong with a green/red striped belt haha. I also got these cool glasses which I had been wanted for AGES.

Finally, my parents made my teenage dream come true by giving me this gorgeous record player in a dreamy blush velvet. I almost cried, to go with it my beautiful sister gave me Gallant’s debut album, which is one of my favourites to play to my hearts content~ <3

Also with the thought of giving and receiving, I also started a monthly payment to a charity I really value called Sightsavers, it forces on giving life changing cataract surgery to people in developing countries. I think sometimes we can take for granted things like a well functioning body and one payment could save someone from going blind! One of my housemates works for the fab breast cancer charity Coppafeel and whilst I gave to throaty a little in the past she has really made me think about where my money is going and the value of it. SO if you fancy doing a good deed to strut of your year, why not commit to donating a little bit each month?

What did you guys get for Christmas?! Let me know in the comments below~

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