Ichiko Bento is a new subscription box that puts a spotlight on Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Beauty and lifestyle. I was so excited to try out this new box, especially because it promised some lifestyle items as well whereas most subscription boxes tend to be one or the other. There are two choice to pick between:

The Classic [5 items for £14]
The Deluxe [5-7 items inc a full sized item that you choose for £26]

Postage for both is £3.99 (to the UK)

I decided to go all out and picked the deluxe to get a good feel of what the box was offering. I was give a choice of 3 cleanser to pick as my full size choice but decided to leave it as a surprise instead of picking. I did some research in the prices to get an estimate of the boxes worth ( I tried to use official sites also avoided using Yesstyle as a references point because they tend to overprice their products).

I received:

Hello Kitty Point Pads– approx £1.50 [Japan]
Kao Eye Mask £

6.62 for 14pcs  50p for 1 [Japan]
Miirushop plush bunny ears headband approx £6 [Taiwan]
JayJun Baby 3 Step Shining Mask (http://baobella.com) appox £27 for 10pc / £2.70 for 1 [Korea]
Blossom Jeju 2 Step Lifting Mask  approx £23 for 5pc / £4.60 for 1 [Korea]
Livework Promenade Flower Notebook in Pearl Yellow approx £5.80 [Korea]
Heimish All Clean Balm *Full size product*- approx £12.30 [Korea]
Missing item: PeriPera’s Peri’s Tint Water– approx£4.80 [Korea]

Approx box worth = £39

I first saw an ad for this box in February and signed up at once for notifications, I was rewarded with 10% of the first box, the ‘founders’ box. Unfortunately the boxes were delayed  and then just before they were due to arrive we were informed, that because of problems with providers, the liptint would arrive separately. My notepad was also missing so I had to email them and get that sent as well. I must admit it killed some of the hype I was feeling about the box. But at the same time I understand that they are new and still trying to work out the best way to handle things, They were good at informing us of what was going on, apologised lots, and seemed to take on board all the suggestions people made.

My only other concern was for how many masks they’re were in the box and only one thing from Tawian when I would have rather a bigger variation of products and a more equal spread of picks from the focus countries. I have decide to continue my subscription to see if it improves in the next box.

Over all I would give the first box a 3/5. If they can fix the technical problems behind the box and give a better variety of items I can see this box becoming very popular with asian beauty experts and newbies.

Thanks for reading

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