The H&M closest to my university had a reopening event after the shops refurb. It promised a goodie bag to the first 200 people and 25% of purchases to anyone in the queue before 11am when the store officially opened that day. I wasn’t planning on going but when its a store like H&M, notorious for rarely giving out student discounts, the 25% off was too hard to resist. So I lugged myself to the train station and hopped off a stop later to the H&M in Staines. I didn’t get there particularly early but luckily made it into the top 200- and the shopping instincts kicked in.

Like usual I found the stock to be mixed bag of things I loved and things I wanted to burn… (I saw some worrying Forever 21-esque slogan clothes that almost made me run out of the store). But I found quite a few things that I was prepared to pay for and tried them all on. H&M is so known for its weird ass sizing that I knew I had to try every item on before I bought them.

Quite a few things didn’t fit, for example the jumpsuit was too tight around the chest and the denim dungaree dress wrapped around you but there wasn’t enough material to totally cover you so you ended up flashing people every time you moved your legs (not the look I was going for). A couple of things weren’t in my size and though I tried a size up/down I just couldn’t get the fit I wanted.

Most of what I took to try on actually fitted pretty well so I was happy!
I fell in love with the gingham skirt I had found but they didn’t have it in my size and I decide to just get it anyway even though it was a bit too short for my liking. However, I actually needed up going to another H&M store later that week to exchange the size because I just couldn’t wear it. The two supers and shirt I had fitted perfectly and I was looking for some clothes that were a bit smarter than my usual stuff, so I decided to get them all.

I was really please with all of my purchases and overall with the discount the bill was around £60 which wasn’t bad. I must admit some of the prices of the clothes, were surprisingly more than I had expected, but I wasn’t going to complain bearing in mind I’d been given 25% off. The goodie bag was not  ad either. It had a small travel brush, a lint roll, notepad, umbrella and two tote bags in- all with the H&m branding on them.

So far I have worn everything but the gingham skirt because I had to exchange the size- I cant wait to style all these pieces in looks for you guys soon~!

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