I’m back again with yet another cute accessory! These earrings are so adorable and are hands down my most favourite purchase of Spring. Although they are a little extra, I love how much they stand out and are simple enough that they go with pretty much everything.

I first saw them around Christmas whilst browsing IceCream12’s website but alas they don’t actually ship to the UK and non of the stockists of their brand that did ship to me didn’t have the earrings!
I was so upset and complained about it for months (I’m not joking, just ask Abbie^). Finally, I was able to buy them from Yesstyle and was SO HAPPY. I also saw that the makeup wonder guru Ssin was wearing pair in a video on her channel which I must say, made me smile smugly at the thought I also owned them.

Most recently I wore them out whilst filming for something else and general hanging out in London. I bought my oversized top in the pictures at the same time and it’s also from Icecream12. Icecream 12 is an online Korean brand that was recommended to me by a classmate whilst I was studying abroad. I really love it because of its bright and pastel colours and cute style. The earrings are sold out on the site but my friends have reported sighting of these earrings also on Stylenanda, another Korean fashion fav of mine, and I have been seeing slightly cheaper version popping up on ASOS Marketplace, Yesstyle and even eBay. It seems that these earrings have really made their mark as a trendy item. I love them so much I even bought the lovely Abbie a pair for her birthday; the least I could do after complaining about them for so long!

Wherever you are if you like earrings, you NEED to get yourself a pair of these cute things.

Thanks for reading~ x

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