I was so excited to have a chance to see cherry blossom trees in bloom whilst in Korea last year, and equally sad that I couldn’t again this Spring. Luckily cherry blossoms do grow in the UK and they are as beautiful as ever during Spring time. As soon as March came to an end, it became my mission to find as many as possible before the flowers fell.

Royal Holloway University London Campus

During the cherry blossoms season in Korea, everyone goes to see them. Groups of friends, couples, families, etc. The most popular place and time to go is at the Youido Cherry Blossom Festival(여의도벚꽃축제), where there is a whole road of them for you to skip through. But many other places like Sokchon Lake in Jamsil(잠실 벚꽃 석촌호수) and Seoul Grand Park(서울대공원) also have festivals and are popular too. There is performances, exhibitions, and of course everyone goes to take many photos with the short lived blossoms. Korea University also had a fair few on it’s campus, which made our lunchtime breaks that little bit more pleasant.

Cherry Blossoms at Sokchon Lake (top and bottom left) and Korea Univ Science Campus(bottom right)

It’s common for people to go wearing pastel blues and pinks to fit the cherry blossoms aesthetic. Around this time if you search 벚꽃(cherry blossom) on Instagram you will find the tag filled with envy worthy outfits made even better by the background of blossoms. Whilst I didn’t get to do a photoshoot in Seoul, For this lookbook  I recreated a look that I would wear when going to Youido to see the flowers. With a soft blue theme, my outfit complements the delicate pink flowers and the amazing (and rare) blue sky. It really was a beautiful day.

I am completely in love with this tennis skirt I bought from Yesstyle. It’s an item that I saw in multiple high street stores in Korea, the pattern is very common and popular for Spring/Summer.  I had wanted to wear it out for ages~ Finally the UK gave us beautiful weather and my wish was granted! I did have to wear undershorts, as the skirt is very short and it was a little windy that day~ The top is from Icecream12, one of my favourite online Korean brands. The sleeves are meant to cover your hands completely (Vetements has influenced the world of sleeves greatly) but I have long arms so its a little short (you can’t tell right?). The weather wasn’t really cold enough to wear a jacket but I bought my KU baseball jacket just in case the weather turned grim.  Being surrounded by daffodils and blossoms I really felt that Spring had finally come to the UK! Bye bye wooly jumpers hehe~

Thanks for reading guys~ I hope you all catch the cherry blossoms before they fall!

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