Hey Guys I’m back styling another on-Trend item, fishnet tights! I own a pair with smaller holes but these large fishnets are what I have commonly seen on social media. This shoot in the beautiful St Dunstan-in-the East was a perfect location to shoot them as it contrasted with my outfit but the grey stone also complement the muted tones of my clothes.

You literally can’t away from the fishnet trend wherever you go. After seeing it a couple of times on some of the street fashion Instagram I follow, the trend seems to have exploded this spring with pretty much every high street brand stocking them. I like this trend a lot because it gives a more edgy look to a typical outfit. Fishnets under ripped jeans is definitely my favourite way of styling them, but I feel that they are getting more attention under skirts, as socks and in the form of netted tops/dresses recently.

The hoodie jumper dress is from Urban Outfitters and I had been desperate to wear it out as soon a s it got a little warmer. (it actually ended up being cold that day, cry hence the turtleneck peeing out underneath (its from Icecream12 by the way). Shoes were from ASOS but I must admit they were super uncomfortable and I gave them away after wearing them that day.

Check out some other ways to wear fishnets below~

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Thanks for reading guys~ x

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