Happy February!

It still cold and I am getting pretty tired of the freezing winds that seem to get past every layer I put on for protection. The only positive about February being just as freezing the winter months before is that I get to wear these adorable new ear muffs I bought a couple of weeks ago! From Forever 21, these have to be some of the most over top ear muffs I have seen recently. And I love them. I love everything from the oversized style, to the pink faux fur, to the bow on the headband. These ear muffs and I were meant to be. Also, I get major Chanel No 3 vibes every time I put them on, a definite plus.

 I initially thought that they’d be difficult to wear or style with things but the ear muffs basically work as a statement piece and go with pretty much everything. I have my hair down in the photos but I have also worn them with my hair in a pineapple (a poofy high ponytail) which is also a super cute look as it almost looks like the bow is around my hair and not part of the ear muffs. The photos were taken around Shorditch and St Dunstan in the East garden.
I have pretty sensitive ears that don’t like the cold so I can get dreadful ear pain and headaches when my ears are exposed to cold temperatures for too long, especially if my fluffy hair isn’t protecting them. I have never found a pair of ear muffs that I liked or fitted my hair (afro hair problems) until my friend Abbie sent me the links to these. Did I mention how cheap they were!? I was so shocked when I saw that they were only cost £5, (thank you Forever 21). They do the trick, keeping my ears nice of toasty and are very comfortable to wear. They don’t squish my ears, something that happens a lot with headphones so I am extremely pleased with this buy, they’re definitely one of my favourite things I’ve bought recently.
What do you think of my ear muffs? Are they too over the top or just right? Let me know in the comments!

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