35,000 ‘attending’ on the Facebook group grew into a 100,000 strong crowd of people and I am proud that I was a part of it.
At the march there were all number and sort of people and I was pleasantly surprised to see so very many families with small children. Talking to my friend afterwards we agreed that it was a wonderful thing for a young child to experience a peaceful and well organised protest. It shows them that they have not only the right to speak up for what they believe in but that it can be done in a safe non-violent manner. There was a march followed by a rally where there was performances and  many prominent women gave speeches.

Although Trump becoming president was the catalyst for the marches around the world I found that it was not characterized by a specific message. The Women’s March London was wonderful because its was all inclusive, speaking out at the injustices around the world. It was about women’s rights, lgbtq+ rights, immigration, Brexit, war, hate, he for she and equality for all. Something that will most defiantly diminish under Trump’s presidency.
In the organisers own words:

We marched for the protection of our fundamental rights and for the safeguarding of freedoms threatened by recent political events. We united and stood together for the dignity and equality of all peoples, for the safety and health of our planet and for the strength of our vibrant and diverse communities 

What I came away from the march feeling was not taht I had partcipated in an Anti-Trump march, it was bigger than him. I took part in a march of solaridty, a reminder during dark times that to use the recently popularised phrase, Love always trumps hate. The march was very personal to each indivdual and yet we marched as a group each supporting each other and what we stood for.

The signs people carried echoed the multi purpose of the march, I saw many that made me laugh and others that gave strong messages. Some were big and some were small, handmade and printed, colourful and monochrome. Like the people there they were all different and all wonderful.

All the women’s march around the world were very succesfull and I am pleased for that, I can only hope that simiallr srupport will be given again to other marches from minorities trying to make their voices heard.

If you want to know more about the women’s march and women’s march london, or what to do next now that the march as fisnihed check out their website here and here

Thank you more reading everyone. Have a good week x

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