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Wearing hanbok for Seollal: Lunar New Year • It's Yemmi

Wearing hanbok for Seollal: Lunar New Year

January 28, 2017

여러분 새해 복 많이 받으세요~!

Happy New Lunar Year everyone!!
Like many east Asian countries, Korea celebrates the Lunar New Year (Seollal). Korean New Year lasts for three days, (New Year’s Eve, New Years Day and the day after) and is a time for spending time with family, honouring ancestors, and celebrating. 
Unfortunately I never got to celebrate Seollal, as it was the day I flew back to Seoul after being in England for winter break and I was too jet lagged to do anything. I didn’t even eat 

tteokguk(rice cake and beef soup) like you’re supposed to
In Korea many things close as people travel away from Seoul to their hometowns to see family, which can make it a little difficult if you don’t have family in Korea, so it’s important to plan what you will do that day and check what is open. There are plenty of festivals, and places to go during Seollal, you just need to find them (the Korea Tourism website is a good place to start). 

As well as being with family, eating special food and playing games, it is also one occasion, like Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), where Korean people are likely to wear traditional dress. I dressed in traditional clothes and took photos with my friends around July but I feel this is the perfect time to post them, in celebration of Seollal!

Like Chinese new year, Seollal followers the zodiac signs and so it is the year of Rooster this year. I hope the New Year is good for you all, and remember to be strong and fight for what you believe in no matter how dark times may be.
I absolutely adore hanbok and it was so nice to pick out a dress and where it for the day, despite the weather! I look forward to a time when I can wear hanbok again and maybe celebrate Seollal in Korea.
Thanks for Reading!

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