Despite all the Christmas and New Years parties I actually refrained from going crazy on activities this year. Last term was exhausting and I just wanted to rest at home. The best thing about being university is definitely the month long winter break we get, of course its slightly tainted by essay deadlines, its still so great to relax at home and forget the stress of final year for a week or two.
So a few pictures, here is a snapshot of my Christmas at home~

 As follow up from my Christmas Wishlist I thought I would also show you a couple of the things I got for presents this year from my family, in case your were curious to see if I really did get what I had ‘wished’ for.  

Stocking tradition in our family is that my and my sister open them together (in our annual Christmas pyjamas) before breakfast, and we will always have identically if not matching things in our stockings. For presents I got a beautiful Lush box filled with bath time goodies, some really nice clothes and the adidas gazelles I wanted! Not pictured below is my tripod and remote which I received from relatives on boxing day and has definitely been the most useful present I got. I also got one of those cool smoothie blenders with different sized drinks bottles, camera film and a couple of beauty products and jewellery and a bag that I forgot to photograph. (Sorry~) I was pleasantly surprised that I got quite a lot things from my Christmas list as well as my Blog Wishlist and as always, extremely grateful to my parents for giving me such nice things for Christmas.

Thanks for reading everyone~

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