Are these the best pancakes in Seoul? A lot of people think so.

 Situated on Apgujeong-ro, above and next to Stussy clothes store, we decided to go here on a whim after we were disappointed by the coffee shop at QueenMama Market. (beautiful, aesthetic wise but it wasn’t what we were feeling on the day, only go if you just want coffee and nothing else) Evidently our pancake craving wasn’t quite filled by the nearby Butterfingers and we were very excited to stumble upon this place. Because I wasn’t expecting to do a blog post on it, I didn’t really prepare for pictures, so I have borrowed some so that you can get a feel for the exterior of the building. (sorry)

The atmosphere is casual and laid back, the largely wooded interior gives the cafe a laid back feeling in contrast to the edgier metal finishings. (The people that worked there were really cool too). The cafe was pretty quiet but it was a week day at around 2pm so that probably had something to do with it. We’d had been wandering around Apugujeong for a while so it was much needed break.


In terms of these being the best pancakes, I personally I think it depends what sort of pancake feel you are looking for. if you want the American bacon-syruped brunch wonders then The Original Pancake House is probably more for you. However if you are like me and you like fluffy pancakes but your choice of toppings are pretty simple, this place is greaaaat. They are also famous for importing beans from Stumptwon Coffee Roasters, something that no other coffee shop in Korea does and it basically guarantees your won’t be getting a watery Ediya americano (sorry Ediya, I love you and your cheap student friendly coffee) when you order her so yeah, this place is kinda a win-win. Prices are average, especially Apugjeong, which was surprising The coffee was around 5-7,000W,  around the same as Starbucks in Korea (overpriced, don’t waste your money), and the coffee quaality here is twice as good as it would be in Starbucks. Now to the pancakes!! There were three options for your pancakes when we went (but I have been told that they change seasonally): Nutella, Original and ‘The Boneless’ which was a savoury egg and ham. I had the original pancakes with whipped butter and maple syrup and it was actually heaven, definitely better than the pancakes I had at Butterfingers. I was really impressed with the generous topping amount and the freshness of the pancakes.


Even though there was a nice vibe about the place, and I would go back again, I don’t think I would go out of my to visit. Yet if I was in the Apgujeong area it wold definitely be a contender for a revisit.

Cafe: The Pancake Epidemic Seoul (Flagship Store, Apgujeong)
Cost: £££££
Location: 42 (2F) Apgujeong-ro 46-gil Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul / 강남구 압구정로46길 42 2층 (신사동)

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