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Happy December! Christmas is juuuuust around the corner!!
As the amount of clothes and nice things I want never seems to go down I thought I would put together a little list of some of the clothes,  accessories, and makeup that is on my personal Christmas wishlist. I never write big lists for my family because I am very easy going when it comes to gifts. If its a present I will love it, because its a gift~ (So this list is more things I want to gift myself with haha)

I love accessories, they are key to making any outfit look ten times more amazing. Never neglect accessories. Also they are perfect gifts, if you don’t want to risk guessing someones dress size.

Christmas Wishlist- Accessories



Monki Pom-Pom Earrings: I saw Youtuber Princess Mei wearing amazing pom pom earrings in one of her videos and I have wanted some ever since. This is a real wishlist item because I haven’t found any that were quite the style I wanted and when I discovered these by Monki I though I had hit the jackpot! Alas, they are sold out (I’m not crying…), the search goes on. (Someone please buy me some please).
Skinny Dip London Shell Bag: I have wanted this bag for so long. and I still want it. I mean just look at it…it’s so shinyyy.
Pandora Charms: I got a pandora for my 21st birthday and whilst I love it, it is still very bare. Any of these charms would match my bracelets and make it feel less likes a plain chain around my wrist and more of an actual charm bracelet.
Kenzo x H&M Bag: I really love this bag. The design is simple but classy and it is a good size. However I received a similar white shopper bag from the wonderful Abbie for Christmas and so my cravings for a handbag have already been fulfilled.
MixxMixx Socks: I always need socks. I’m literally Dobby and lose them so fast you will never see me with matching socks on. It’s almost a fashion statement.

Usually if I like clothes I just save money and buy them but it’s still one of my favourite things to receive~ It’s also nice to know that my style is distinct enough that my friends can buy me confidently buy me clothes knowing I will like them for sure.

Christmas Wishlist- Clothes

Dim E Cres Denim w/ Fur lining Set:
The jacket and skirt combined is a double denim look that I could totally get on board with. The addition of the fur is like a promise that you will look awesome and feel warm no matter the weather(thats probably not true but my imagination likes to exaggerate).
Urban Outfitters Rust Velvet Dress: I just absolutely adore this colour! It’s so rich and warm that I couldn’t care less what to the style was I just want to own a piece of clothing in this shade! Luckily the dress is cute too.
Public Desire Boots: These boots are seriously so cool and edgy. Actually my friend Abbie has some fairly similar and these remind of them which is  a good reason as any to buy these because her shoes are really nice.
Atar Pink Denim Jacket: Whilst at Seoul Fashion week I took a photo of the models in the picture above and spent a good hours trying to find out where the jacket was from because I loved how bright it was. Unfortunately it basically sold out straight away after some Kpop idols were it for a stage and I could only find the black version (I’m still not crying, honest).
KKXX Oversized Jumper in Khaki: ASOS stocking Stylenanda and KKXX was literally like an early Christmas to me when I found out. SO naturally, I want everything. Especially this oversized jumper which I remember seeing in Stylenanda around March and literally just holding it and starting lovingly at its beauty. ( I didn’t buy it because I spent too much money on clothes whilst in Korea and I was trying to curb my habit haha)
Adidas Gazelle Trainers: I ave always been a Converse girl, however they have always given me the worst foot pain as the arch in my feet are quite weak and converses are so flat that they provide no support whatsoever. So I finally decided enough was enough and hopefully these trainers will do the trick! I also love this colour and even though the shoes are plain they are really pretty.

Christmas Wishlist- Clothes2

Chuu at Yesstyle Notch-lapel Shirt: I am obsessed with these pyjama collar style shirts, and have wanted one since summer but not bought one for myself! I love thr soft pink colour in this one form Chuu and the addition of wide cuffs makes this shirt stand out a bit more from all the other pyjama style shirts. I also prefer this one because it is made out of shirt material, not satin like many, which personally for me is waaay too close to actual pyjamas! ( Although I like the look on others…)

Adore Me Loungewear: Comfy but also fashionable loungewear has become such a popular must have item (think Calvin Klein) and I frequently see bra sets on the gift edits of various shops. Adore Me’s matching bralette and pants are on trend and come in various colours, although this burgundy colour is definitely my favourite and a colour that I think compliments all skin tones.
Zara Oversized Knit:  What? Another oversized jumper…? Yep, I am obsessed, don’t worry I know. I love how this item merges the oversized look with the high neck/turtleneck trend which grows on me more and more each year. Also this jumper looks like a fluffy cloud I want to sleep in it.
Adore Me Snowflake Dressing Gown: There is a tradition in my house that my sister and I will always, without fail, receive either pyjamas or a new robe on Christmas eve so that on Christmas day we may be in our sleepwear but we still look our best. Im not sure why but we’ve done this as long as I can remember! When I was looking through Adore Me’s Sleepwear collection I found this ultra fluffy dressing gown and fell in love, its warm and comfortable and has just enough festive spirit with the snow patterns covering it.

H&M Velour & Lace Skirt: The opposite of these lovely warm things this velour and lac skirt is so classy but comfortable looking and of course everyone is crazy for velvet right now and this fits perfectly. The slit and lace gives it an elegant feel that would make it suitable for smart occasion but then the softness of the finishings and the velvet mean that you could easily rock this in a causal outfit.

I’m not really someone that needs the latest gadget as soon as they come out so don’t often ask for electronics for presents. Nevertheless, there are always one or two things I always blogging or to satisfy my hobbies.

Christmas Wishlist- Electroics
Frends Taylor Headphones in Aqua Rose Gold:
I have wanted these headphones for sooo long. But I got a pair of Beats last year when I changed computers so they’re still very new. Apart from the fact I don’t really like Beats and I use them mainly because they were free, there is little point in me getting more ( but I still want them)
Velbon EX440 Tripod & Canon Infrared Remote: I am in desperate need of a good tripod so that I can take blog photos even when my trusty partner in crime Abbie isn’t there to take photos of me. A remote to go with that would be rather nice to~
FujiFilm Instant Camera Film: My instax camera was one of the best presents I ever received, mainly because I actually use it a lot, ( I think I have taken over 60 photos in 2 years). My opinion is if you’re gonna buy a camera that requires film, its stupid to not use it just because the film is expensive. If thats how you feel don’t buy the camera bc you will neveerrrr use it! I took so many photos on mine whilst in Korea and I cherish everyone of them. They are also sweet memory gifts to give away, something I also did when people left Korea before me. I would like to try some patterned film I think, I have Hello Kitty film whilst in Korea and it was the cutest thing.

Christmas Wishlist- Makeup

MAC Nutcracker Pigment: I love shiny things. Especially if they are glittery. This pigment is the prettiest thing, I don’t even know what I would do with it but I love it nevertheless. Shame it’s pretty much sold out everywhere already…
3CE Mood Recipe: I genuinely want every item in this collection I love it so much. The brown colours are all quite warm and complimenting. In particular their lipsticks I have heard very good reviews about and I know firsthand that the pigmentation of their eyeshadows is very good and you get a generous amount of product in each palette. (I have actually already planned to buy at least one thing as a present for myself)
Limecrime Venus Palette: I feel like every darker skinned beauty guru I follow on Youtube owns this palette! The colours are absolutely gorgeous but until recently I didn’t really care for eyeshadows much so never wanted it. Now I actually take the time to do my makeup up more this palette is a bit of a must have for me.
Creer Beaute Limited Edition Cardcaptors Set: The inner 5 year old in me screams when I look at this set. Creer Beaute are a well known Japanese brand and I’ve stared at their beautiful products for a long time. Their Sailor Moon items made me excited but this Set takes the cake.

Do you guys have anything you want for Christmas? Is your list longer than mine? Let me know what you think of the items I picked out.

*This post is part of the Wish List project inspired by Adore Me

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