I always become incredibly excited when Autumn comes along, partially because it’s my birthday season but also because I really adore leaves falling and how colorful all the trees get in autumn. I see it as a last hurrah before winter where everything is bleak and cold.
In particular I like to use Autumn as my chance to wear bright warm, colours like yellows and red and my personal favourite orange. I love wearing orange, it makes me happy and isn’t to bad a complimenting my skin tone either. The other weekend my younger sister was visiting me at university and so we decided to have a blog shoot along with my friend Abbie, for our respective blogs. I study at Royal Holloway University which is famous for it’s beautiful red brick castle-like Founders Building. surrounded by woodland grounds, it makes the perfect backdrop for a fallen leaves inspired lookbook.
Whip out those boots, it’s finally time for them to shine before the lack of actual grip on the sole means you can’t wear them in icy December… I am actually the most clumsy person so wearing anything but flat shoes in winter… (that’s no no.)
So for me Autumn is the time for heeled boots every chance I get.
I always see Autumn as a transitional season where you can get away with wearing woolen knits and yet still rock a dress or skirt. The art of layering really is key for Autumn. You can even get away with wearing crop tops and mini skirt in winter if you get it right! Just considering pairing with a long sleeve and definitely tights or long socks for the moments when the cold wind rushes through. (I forgot my tights and yes my legs were very cold when shooting this.)

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