7 Days of Freshers: Night (Back to School College Uni) 
-Night time outfits to last all of Freshers Week
So school has already started but university is a still awhile away. Our starting dates are different depending on unis but most of my friends and I begin around the last week of September, with freshers beginning the week before. If you are a 1st year wanting to confirm/establish your fashion style during fishers or you’re a retainers thinking of going for the fun and freebies Here are 7 styles for everyone to keep you going for the week.
The Smart-Casual
Your standard outfit. From bars and pubs to meals out; most things call for a smart causal dress code. Semi-Formal tops and nice, not too scruffy looking jeans will do the trick perfectly so that you look nice but still feel comfortable. 

The Glam-up
Cocktails or clubbing in London, events that require a little more effort. The sort of place that says heels are ‘a must’ (boo). A body con dresses and skirts, delicate crops and off the shoulder tee will all fit the brief. Oh, and I guess heres would be a good idea…

The All-Nighter 
You want to be out all night, and you’re prepared! No uncomfortable sticking clothes and heels for you, only the comfiest clothes allowed. In Seoul a fair few people wore caps when they went out-  perfect for hiding under on that 6am train…

The Formal
Got a nice big event coming up? Freshers Formal to early birthday parties in fancy restaurants. This is your chance to go all out with the elegant and elaborate.

The Indecisive
You’ve decide with your house/flatmates that you are all defiantly going out but aren’t sure exactly where yet.  A t-shirt dress is a safe bet that will look good in any environment. And for crop top lovers, crop top with shorts and skirts is such a staple night time look that you really can’t go wrong with it.
The Day-Night 
You have spent the day exploring the city, nearby town or working your part time job and had no time to get changed be before pres. soft textures like satin and silk work well as transition items. A playsuit, bardot top and skinny jeans or skater dress will be suitable no matter the hour, just make sure you reapply your deodorant!

The Raver 
You’re ready for a good time and nothing will stop that. Nothing too uncomfortable  or awkward to wear as you want to be able to throw yourself around the dance floor with ease. Your secret ingredients? Shiny things. Nothing looks better in a strobe light filled room than holographic glittery wonders.

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