7 Days of Freshers: Day (Back to School College Uni) 

-Day time outfits to last all of Freshers Week

So a lot of people think about all the parties that happen during freshers but what about daytime activities? I mean, after all its technically your first week of term and you’re bound to have a couple of mini talks to attend in preparation for classes and make new friends or meet old ones blah blah.
Everyone knows that by week 4 everyone has usually given up dressing nicely and rocks up to lessons half in pyjamas (don’t sneer, its comfortable and everyone does it at least once….) but for that first week I do attempt to at least dress myself and plan my outfits before hand. Here are 7 style suggestions to create trendy but comfortable outfits for your first week of uni!
The Moving in
Moving into hall or a house? Sure it’s the first time you will meet you flatmate but don’t forget you’ll spend a lot of time hauling boxes and suitcases around so wear clothes that you can move around in freely. Try loose, non skinny jeans and a boxy tee so you don’t get too hot a bothered during the move.
The First Day
Wear something comfortable so you feel at ease on your first proper day of uni. You’re meeting your class mates new or old, and  getting a feel for being back in education. It’s a prime time to talk to people and make new friends regardless of your year so wear an outfits that reflects you personality. My first day outfit was pretty relaxed with  basic skinny jeans and a white tee but added a bright floral bomber jacket because I’m a happy bright person. Cheesy I know, but it works. As much as I love wearing black and grey (especially grey) bright colour’s can make you more approachable and obviously your stand to in the crowd.
The Professional
An ambitious fresher, you want to show your determination without coming off as unfriendly or too competitive? First impressions are important right? So get an outfit that fits lessons, that first day of your internship, shows your potential for success. Go for colour blocking, clean lines, geometric patterns and shirt skirt combos.
The Quirky
You have a style and you aren’t afraid to show it. Show your quirky side with bright accessories, heavily patterns jumpers, mix mash of fabrics and unusual takes on common trends. Go ham~
The Summer isn’t over
Bright clothes will make the cold weather stay away right? Add some colour to your dull campus with floral prints and bright shades
The Cute and Cheerful 
You wanna look cute. Doesn’t everyone? Go for Pastel delights and fluffy textures. Try paring your summer skirts with warmer jumpers and dresses with t shirts to make the perfect Autumn transition outfit. 
The On-trend
The standard outfit that a uni student would wear. Something that screams 2016. Bomber jackets, ball caps, A-line skirts have all been popular over Spring/Summer, now is not the time to neglect them. Show you can wear the trends as well as anyone. To avoid losing EXACTLY the same as everyone else(unless you want to) Pick one trend to wear rather then all of them at the same time. Personalising on trend items to suit you more will always look better than the exact outfit you saw on a mannequin in Topshop.
Have a great start to uni everyone!
Thanks for reading~

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