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I saw a lot of art when I was in Korea. Enough to make another post dedicated to it. This ‘Saturday art day’ actually happened before the events of my first art post. However, I struggled to find the names for some of the exhibitions, as I lost a lot of my photos from that day. And so this post was delayed for a while. Anyway, around the end of May a large group of my friends and I planned to visit and exhibition and ended up wandering around Hanam-dong and visited 3 galleries instead. I’ll give a brief overview the galleries we visited with artist information where possible.
The first exhibition we went to, and the main reason we began our art crawl, was by artist Woo Byoung Yun who I’ve followed on Instagram for a fairly long time, and really like his work. The exhibition took place in the store Awesome Needs, an accessory brand whom he also collaborated with for their 2016 campaign ‘Classic for Coexist’ which was released back in March.
 I didn’t realise how vibrant and textured the pieces were until I had seen the art in person. The colours were so vivid yet at the same time, subtle and muted. I was overwhelmed by the exhibition, the pieces were assorted sizes, some of the canvases were huge, but even the smallest was filled with so much emotion. We got to briefly talk with the artist and hear his thoughts about his paintings and it really helped us appreciate each piece more. His  art is very surrealist and reminiscent of lucid dreams.  In short the exhibition was very aesthetically pleasing to see. 
Title: ‘The Movement of an Imperfect Being to be Perfect’
Artist: Woo Byoung Yun/우병윤
Instagram: @woobyoungyun_

The second exhibition was a tiny one in the upstairs of what looked like someone’s house. It was on the same road as Awesome Needs and we just happened to walk past and see that it was the last day of the exhibition. The artist was so lovely and welcoming to us when we stepped in. The art ranged from digital prints, to paintings and pottery, as well as merchandise with the art printed on it. All of it was incredibly cute, half of the pieces looked like art designed for children. Unfortunately I did not get the artist’s name, and there were no flyers for the exhibition so don’t I remember the title either! If you recognise the work please let me know so I can find this artist! 

Artist: Unknown ㅠㅠ

Finally, we stopped by the new Korogram Photography Gallery, (opened in March 2016), who were showing a double exhibition named ‘Pleasing Illusion’ by photographers Claire Rosen and Yang Ho Sang. This was the first official exhibition held at the gallery after the opening event and focused on ‘the relation between figure and background through photography’.  Although I am less of a fan of digital art than paintings the photos were really cleverly done and I liked the concept behind them.


Title: ‘Pleasing Illusion’
Artist: Claire Rosen, Yang Ho Sang/ 양호상
Instagram: Rosen: @clairerosenphoto,Yang: @yanghosang

Overall this really was one of the loveliest days I spent in Seoul and I was so thankful to all of my friends for agreeing to what was initially an unorganised, unplanned day out in the sweltering heat of nearly summer.

All photos taken by Emma AbamuBrianna Williams and myself
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