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DORE DORE Cafe: Yemmi Loves Cafes #4 • It's Yemmi

DORE DORE Cafe: Yemmi Loves Cafes #4

July 11, 2016

Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi,

This cafe is throughout instagram and known for having extravagant cakes. They have various locations around Korea, though most are in Seoul I believe. I visited the Seoul Station branch with Emma after months of promising that we would go together. We’d gone to see an art exhibition and have lunch so were looking for a sweeter round 2.
I was impressed with the aesthetics of the shop but I felt it was quite crowded with tables, all of which were full. Luckily one table right at the back became free and we dumped our stuff in to it before  taking a look at the cakes. Seriously I was a bit overwhelmed by the designs but a lot of the cakes were pretty basic flavours, just made prettily.
The cake we ended up we trying was particularly  interesting becuse it was eggless, giving the sponge a very different  (almost chewier?) texture to normal sponge. The cake wasn’t too choclately which was good because the cream cheese icing was rather rich and we struggled to finish one slice between us. We were amazed to see people with a slice each and cant quite comprehend how they managed it…
We ended up going for a sparkling drink rather than a hot drink so I can’t say much for their coffee standards. I’ve also completely forgotten what drink we ordered, but I do remember it was citrusy and good (sorry about that).
All the dore-dore the stores differ on cake variety and interior design depending on which one you go to which made me want to visit them all just for the sake of it. But in all honestly I think the cake is a bit overpriced in comparison to other cake places. It’s not that I wouldn’t pay W8,000 for a slice but usually I’d expect to pay that at a small business type of store not a chain store like DOREDORE. Therefore even though I liked the cake, I can think of a couple of places that have just as nice cake for less money and less money is always good hehe.
Overall this is a cafe/cake shop with a nice feel, and definitely a go to cafe, especially if you like to instagram aesthetic food in pretty locations.
Thanks for reading! What do you think of the cafe?
Leave your comments below~

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