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치맥/ChiMaek- Chicken and Beer? • It's Yemmi

치맥/ChiMaek- Chicken and Beer?

July 2, 2016

Chicken and Beer?

Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi,

When the weather gets sunny and bright and beautiful again, one the most popular things to do, especially at the weekend, or evenings, is to go down to the Han River in the middle of Seoul; sit along its banks on picnic blankets or mini tents and spend hours playing games and eating delicious food.

The most popular delicious food to eat is Chi-maek/Chi-mc. A tradition that I became very accustomed to in Korea is that chicken goes with beer and beer goes with chicken. Highly popular, if you’ve watched anyyyy korean drama ever they have probably eaten it, (if you watch ‘My Love From the Star’ the female lead eats it practically every day) and it’s just as popular in real life. In Anam, where Korea University is situated, chicken places easily outweigh convenience, grocery, cosmetic stores and other restaurants. In my first semester I think I ate chicken and beer (or soju) at least one a week. I thought I could never get sick of this wonderful combination…unfortunately I did and don’t eat it as much anymore…
Nevertheless I can’t really imagine having chicken without its partner beer/coke anymore!

In the last few weeks of term we took a group trip to Tukseom Resort to eat, relax away from the pressure of the upcoming finals. It’s a great way for groups of people to hangout and relax with each other for virtually nothing. It was also the last official weekend outing we had as a buddy group, the next time we would be in a group together would be at our farewell ceremony.

We played games, flew kites and stayed by the river until the sun began to set. I was feeling a bit ill that day but being surrounded by friends in the sun made me forget and it was a pretty perfect day~

Thanks for reading~ Do you guys love chicken and beer too?

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