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So this post is a follow up from my Bobbi Brown experience post. After volunteering at a Bobbi Brown training day I was gifted several products a thank you. All of my experience with Bobbi Brown has been makeup ( Their foundation was the first one I ever owned) and I had never tried any skin care. So I was so excited to see all of the skin care I was given and couldn’t wait to try them all. Anyway here is a quick review on all the products I received; I dont know if it can be counted as a haul if they were presents but whatever… I have been using them for over a month now which I feel is ample time to get a first impression of the how the products work. Enjoy!
 As this is a best selling product I had very high expectations. As my skin is actually combination oily/normal, I rarely have a dry face, just some dry patches on my cheeks during winter. Therefore I could tell instantly that the consistency of the cream was too thick for my skin. I really felt like I had to work the product in too my skin as it did not spread easily. You can see in swatch that even after rubbing there was still a thin layer visible which took a long time to rub in. I used it for a while as a night cream and it did a good job of re-adjusting my skin to the dryer UK climate after the humid Seoul that I was coming from. However the product really wasn’t giving me wondrous results and I think this is literally down to the fact it was the wrong product for my skin. I ended up giving my mum the cream as her skin is much more sensitive and dry than mine. She also agreed that the cream was too thick to use without using a lot in one go therefore using up the proust quicker. She added that she thought the cream was over priced.
This mask has really helped to clear my skin of old scars and blemishes. You look terrifying with it on but it is so moisturising and also cleansing like many BB products it smells great and is also made from pretty great ingredients. The tube has a very generous amount of product in it which I was very impressed with, unlike the tiny pot of eye cream which I’m cherishing right now. Again I can see this product lasting a really long time because not much is need to cover your whole face and you are not meant to use it every day. I usually apply on my T-zone and cheeks rather than over my whole face as this is where I am most prone to breakouts.
THIS STUFF IS MAGIC. Firstly it smells insanely good. Its like putting an orange blossom orchard on your face. Also, I really like products that go on as oil wash off as liquid. The formula is quite thick almost like orange scented grease and some you do’t need to put too much on your face. I like to cleanse my face with a cleanser first and then use this as a final cleanse and also massage my face with the balm. As mentioned before, once you wash it off it becomes milky and comes of easily leaving your face feeling baby soft and smelling delightful. I have also used it on its own as a single cleanser and it takes off makeup, eye makeup with ease.  Even though my face is not prone to dryness I have noticed that many cleansers leave my face feeling a little too stripped of moisture. After applying I feel as if I have already moisturised my face, which is great. Bobbi Brown recommend  people with dry skin use daily for extra moisture and as a night treatment for less dry skin. I use it every other day at night and this is enough for me~
Toner is the makeup product that everyone goes on about but Ive never actually been told how to use it…truthfully I’m still learning so I can’t really give a review on the toner as I’m not sure what to expect from it, I will say how that it is incredibly refreshing and soothing and when I remember to include toner into my morning routine it definitely lessons the amount of sebum I get throughout the day. The ingredients contain vitamin B5, no alcohol and the smell isn’t too strong or offensive.
This eye cream is so very great. I had wanted an eye cream for soo long so was over the moon to receive one for free! I had heard promising things about this eye cream and they were right! Firstly an analysis of my under eye: I have very thin skin there which already has very noticeable lines, some hereditary but most from the aggressive hay fever that I get ever year which dry out my eye causing me to rub them. The eye cream keeps my eyes hydrated through the day and applying it again before bed stops me getting my usual dry eyes when I am tired. It also helps my under eye concealer to go on smoother when applying and stops it looking dry through the day.
Gilded on smoothly a little drying but fine when applied with balm before and after. Personally I think it worked best when doing lip techniques like gradient lips as the colour was a bit to bright a cold tone for my to apply over my whole lip. It looked much better faded into a warmer colour (like MAC’s Korean Candy) However that is just my skin, and I can definitely see this colour being a bold orange statement lip on someone else.  This item is multi purpose and can act as a blush as well which I prefer to using on my lips.
 The lipstick I must say is extremely pigmented and stays on for hours. However I have very dry lips and found the lipstick formula to be too dry on my lips it did give a very matte finish, something I try to avoid because of how drying it is on my lips. Personally I think this shade is more suited for my skin; although they look basically the same on my arm, the lipstick is a warmer shade than the coral art stick. 
 This was something I was not ever expecting to use as I don’t do my brows but I really love this stuff.  As I’m not fond of exaggerated brows and prefer mine to look as natural as possible I was wary of even trying this product. Though I fill in my brows once every blue moon I found the gel to be perfect for just tidying up my brows naturally without much effort but creating the effect that I did actually do my eyebrows hehehe. The tube is very short so perfect to fit into your bad and the spoolie is easy to use. The brow gel I received was clear rather than coloured so I literally use it to stop my brows getting crazy throughout the day. When I do actually fill my brows I use it as setting gel as I fill my brows with shadow rather than pencil. It doesn’t make my eyebrows feel hard or crispy and contains vitamins to condition my eyebrow hairs. Not bad for the first brow product I’ve owned.
That’s it for my review, thanks for sticking out till the end~
What is your opinion on Bobbi Brown Skin products? Let me know!!


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