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Saturday is Art Day #1 • It's Yemmi

Saturday is Art Day #1

June 28, 2016

Despite going to a lot of museums and galleries this semester, I haven’t done a full post on them specifically; rather I incorporated my visits into larger blog posts about my life in general. This is mainly because I am not an art critic and I didn’t think I could write about art for a whole blog post. However this exhibition was particularly special and I’m desperate to talk about it. After illness cancelled our initial plans for a day trip to Suwon, Maria and I were determined to still do something that day.We decided that a nearby gallery would be the most relaxing and easy to get to.

Title: ‘Translation’
Photographer: Mark Borthwick
Instagram: Studio ConcreteVogueKr


It hit noon and a photo appeared on my Instagram feed promoting a guerrilla photo exhibition being held in celebration of Vogue Korea’s 20th Anniversary. I had seen a similar post the evening before but this was the first full day it was open to the public and not closed for private and press viewing. It was held at Studio Concrete a cultural space opened by a group of creatives, including famous actor Yoo Ah In. The space is really versatile and has been used previously as a workshop, exhibit, shop and there is a cafe next to the front door. As the name suggests, the theme design centres around concrete and greys. The exhibition itself was a series of photographs of Balcegica’s Pre-Fall 16 Collection, taken by British photographer Mark Borthwick.

We didn’t waste time and arrived only a couple of hours after the post. It was also around lunchtime so the gallery wasn’t very full (especially compared to how many people went the next day) which was great because we could take our time to look at the pictures and wander around. The pictures themselves were not what I was expecting. They were promoting a new season line and yet many the pictures were of the dust covers or oddly angle behind the scenes shots. I liked it because it gave a different insight into the process behind season launch as we were shown both the finished products on beautifully styled models but also the preparation behind it. The photos were displayed in two galleries on both floors of the building with the larger pieces hung alone on the large concrete walls. There was a stark contrast of the glossy photo prints and the dull painted concrete which ensured that you definitely weren’t looking anywhere but the photos. 

With rooftop seating and a sofa area on higher floors the gallery was prefect for a relaxing art visit and also acted as the perfect frame for Borthwick’s work. The editor in chief Shin Kwang Ho’s message about the exhibition, highlighting the new eras of fashion and art, was full of gratitude to it’s ‘Vogue Friends’ and hope not only for fashion but also for Vogue Korea as a magazine, and expectations of future collaborations with brands, creatives and spaces like Studio Concrete.

Title:Zeitgeist: -Psychedelic; Blue
Artists: Meme Miu, Lu Yang, Hyang Lee
Jeongtae Gim, Jungsuck Kang
Kyungho Baek, Sungseok Ahn, Jinseok Choi
Website: Amado Art Space

After this exhibition it was still pretty early in the day so we decided to stop by another gallery that we had walked by a couple of time but never gone in because truthfully…it looks bit weird. We were right about the weird part but unexpectedly, I actually loved it because it was so random. All the exhibits were based on ‘art after the internet’ and were very surreal and in the case of the video of kites designed to look like flying heads, downright creepy. There was a couple of rooms all with different exhibits in, I think from different artist but I wasn’t too sure. Truthfully I don’t know what to say or how I should feel about this exhibition so I’m just going to list everything I saw so you can get a feel for just how odd but great it was.

 One room and paint splattered canvases, one floating head, one had a mirror in  it and played music loudly whilst glances of peoples arms and feet appeared on TV screens; one was complete dark and played reels of rabbits, people dressed as rabbit and other rabbit related things on TVs on the floor surround by wooden boxes; one room was creepy virtual relay headset that took you to a trip sort of 90s feeling game( I can’t describe just how tired this one was but it was so addictive I wanted to just stay in that room for a no hour). Finally upstairs there was a greenhouse with old big boxy computers on playing looped viral Youtube videos.
This was definitely one of the most interesting galleries I have visited…

The fact there are so many different artist is what makes the exhibition special as it feels as if all the rooms and artworks are meant to link together but all the pieces are too obscure for your poor brain to workout. Having said that, I found a really excellent overview of the exhibition written in English here which is great because the main website is only in Korean. Reading the inspiration of the exhibition now, I think I understand the pieces more and am less bewildered than when I first stepped inside.


We got too hungry to attempt the final room of the gallery (and our brains hurt) so we bailed and went to a cafe instead which, in our defence was arty and had drinks designed by artists so was like our 3rd stop on our gallery crawl. (Look out for my separate post for this cafe when it’s written) Usually when we we go to see art we stay out all day but we acutely one spent mourned half the day in Itaewon which was nice because we didn’t feel too tired from walking by the end of and even managed to get some work done in the cafe. As well as this what we thought was going to be a boring day of staying in and being ill turned into a really enjoyable time that was just what I needed before exam started.



Thanks for reading~



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