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Butterfinger Pancakes: Yemmi Love's Cafes #3 • It's Yemmi

Butterfinger Pancakes: Yemmi Love’s Cafes #3

May 16, 2016

Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi!
Remember a while ago I posted about a spontaneous trip to Gangnam with Emma that resulted in us attending the opening night of an art/fashion collaboration and an APC press sale? The trigger for that surreal evening actually began in our stomachs. After sending pictures of brunch back and forth over Instagram, we finally got to hungry and decided the  we needed to go for brunch. Immediately. Sure, it was 5pm in the evening but who cares? We obviously didn’t  and by 5:30pm we were sitting in Butterfinger (Gangnam branch) ready to be wowed with the pancakes and brunch glory we had seen on Instagram.

Search for brunch in Seoul on any website and Butterfinger is in the top 10. Known for it’s menu variety, the size of their portions and their late night closing times(I think it’s 2am!?), its is extremely popular with Koreans and foreigners alike. The price is arguably a little pricey but I you remember that this restaurant is firstly in Gangnam, (expensive food) and is a brunch place, (brunch is the trending thing to do right now) then the price tag makes a lot more sense. Also unless you are starving, you could share a plate, saving some money We went for one of the pancake plate and also an American biscuit. The Plate we got consisted of pancakes, bacon, sausage, hash brown, scrambled egg with butter and syrup. I was especially excited for the biscuit because I had always thought they were just scones, but they’re actually sweeter and more crumbly in texture. Inside the biscuit was cheese, sausage and egg. For the pancake/brunch plate we could choose the butter, (vanilla, normal or cream) and the syrup, (maple, golden, honey) we wanted with our food. The extra personalisation was great, I didn’t realise I would be able to choose but it definitely added to my satisfaction of this place. When  the food arrived, the probation were decent, although I wished there was more bacon on my plate, we split the food between us, but I wonder if it would have been enough if we hadn’t also bought the biscuit. The biscuit was HEAVENLY, I like it more than the pancakes, no joke.
Butterfinger, also did a range of drinks which we didn’t try (we were on a ‘budget’) but all looked amazing, they also had waffles and other wonderful wonderful things, the menu is pretty diverse. And for people who don’t speak Korean, even though we ordered in Korean, we were actually  given a menu in entirely English, so I’m sure it would have been very possible to just order in English if you needed to.
Overall I’d probably give this place an 7/10, it’s great and fills the pancake hole in my heart, but is a little expensive as I don’t think the portions are quite big enough to share…although that may just be the one we got.
Please enjoy the very many photos I took of my food…

Thanks for Reading~

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