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So this week we got an extra long weekend thanks to Children’s Day (5th May) falling on Thursday this year, Parents’ Day (8th May) and a tempoarary holiday declared by the government on Friday. (Hooray~) Unfortunately, I was slow on planing anything so whilst people booked to travel out of the city to Busan, Jeju etc and explore other places, I was stuck in Seoul. So I decided to make the most of it~ 

Here’s what I did this weekend in case anyone needs some ideas of things to do in Seoul during holidays when everyone else has left.

Fancy doing some shopping? It’s highly likely department stores will still be open, so make use of the fact there’s less people around and shop, stress free, in peace. Over the weekend we visited one of the  Hyundai Dept Stores in Gangnam[강남] and also went to Myeongdong[명동]. We got a lot of shopping done and weren’t too exhausted as Myeongdong[명동] was still busy but definitely not a people crushing as it usually is. 

Find other people still around and roam the street together for food. 
This sounds a bit pitiful but being with others, even if you have nothing to do is better than being stuck at home. We met a friend we hadn’t seen for a while to catch up and drink together. Although many restaurants, cafes and pochang’s will be closed, you should hopefully find something open!

Go clubbing. 
After this we ended up going to to a club, spur of the moment. Clubs are also nearly always open, even on big holidays like Chuseok[추석] or Seollal[설날], many do special events for poor foreigners with nothing to do hahaha. There’s plenty of clubs so just take your pick.

Visit museums and galleries.
Clubs and shopping not your style? How about exhibitions? There’s plenty of free exhibitions throughout Seoul and they are all worth going to. My friend Emma (she blogs too) and I went to the Samsung Museum of Art Plateau to see their exhibition of Liu Wei’s Art. 

Check for special events and festivals that might be running. 
I went to the C-Festival, a weekend long festival at Coex Mall in Gangnam. It included live perfomaces of singing , dancing, martial arts and other skills, a parade, street performers, an exhibition and market stalls, not to mention a kpop concert running on the final day as the finale. (I didn’t go to this because I value my life and didn’t want dot be crushed to death by fangirls during a free concert) Right next to the festival, the Great Korean Beer Festival was taking place, so we also went there and there was tons of stalls selling international beer on tap and delicious food as well as a live stage with performances.

With less people around, its a good chance to explore Seoul by foot, bus, or subway. Go to a place you’ve never been before or somewhere that you’ve only been to the subway of. Emma and I walked around the Jongno[종로] area before walking to Myeongdong[명동]. It was nice to spend time walking by Cheonggyecheon Stream[청계천] and seeing how the city actually connected instead of just heading to the subway for ease.
Here’s some pictures of my weekend! 


-Since it will still be the 8th when this is published, Happy Parent’s Day everybody~

Thanks for Reading~

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