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So this music post is dedicated to Hiphop/RnB. Hiphop itself, is a culture as well as music, it contains Dj-ing, beatboxing, rapping etc, this is why hiphop crews can be made up of many different people not just rappers but dancers, fashion designers, MCs etc. Despite RnB being very different genre, I would still argue there is a big link between them and the two are interconnected This is especially true for Korea where I feel that there is a lot of overlap between the ‘hiphop’ artists and RnB artists, many lending their skills to each genre in collaborations etc. I also feel that for many people the distinction between the two is sometimes confusing.
Its very common for songs to have RnB influence even if the artists overall style isn’t such, which is why I also struggled for who to include in this list. There are many artists I want to talk about but I don’t really classify them as hiphop but the influence RnB is very obvious in their songs. But then I feel that a lot of music is a fusion of different genres. Inso on for example is the most accredited for introducing RnB to the Korean music scene, but if you listen to her work it arguably leans more toward what a korean ballad style, netehelss it is also RnB. Another example of this fusion would be Kpop which has taken a decent go at RnB over the years and been pretty successful. Songs like ‘Sorry Sorry Answer’ by Super Junior or EXO’s ballads have decidedly more RnB vibes to them then pop. Even though they are considered Kpop giants, I feel many of these artists deserve to have a place on the list. Some Rain and Se7en songs are also heavily influenced by RnB and have done much for the industry. 
Therefore, To categorise this list I’ve decided to look purely at the sound of their music, if they have more RnB style songs than pop songs, they are on the list, hiphop artists that do not rap (or not very much) are also included, simple. More importantly, everybody on this list has a beautiful voice and  its quite likely that of you like this genre you will like all of these artists. 
Admittedly I don’t follow as many artists that fit into this genre as I’d like but I’m working on it! So I
will very likely update this list when I discover more artists~

In No Particular Order (Okay maybe the first 3 are in an order but after that they’re not honest):

  1. Dean 딘(Club Eskimo)
  2. Crush 크러쉬(edit: Crush’s new album just came out!!)
  3. Zion T 자이언티
  4. Jungigio 정기고
  5. Yang Dail 양다일
  6. Yoon Mi Rae 윤미래– I know that I included her in the last list of rappers but she is also an amazing singer as well and rap Queen so she deserves to be in both respectively.
  7. Jay Park– For a similar reason to Yoon Mirae I felt I also had to include Jay Park on this list^
  8. Phantom 팬텀- hiphop/rnb/pop fusion type band
  9. Insooni 인순이- frequently 
  10. Wheesung 휘성
  11. Ra.D 라디
  12. Hoody 후디 (AOMG)
  13. Elo 엘로 (AOMG)
  14. G.Soul- I guess he counts?
  15. Jusén (Club Eskimo)
  16. Navy (Club Eskimo)
  17. OffOnOff (Club Eskimo)
  18. Yoo Youngjin 유영진
  19. Ven 
  20. Babylon 바빌론/베이빌론 (both spellings are used)
  21. Bumkey 범키
  22. Jiusean- I’m not sure if these guys belong in this list but they are great, in a cheesy old school kinda way, I promise.
  23. Jooyoung 주영
  24. Kim Park Chella 김박첼라
  25. Solid 솔리드– Group from the 90s
  26. Gummy 거미
  27. Boni 보니 – I just recently found her music and she’s really great!
  28. Browneyed Soul 브라운 아이드 소울
  29. Lim Jeong Hee 임정희- Rnb and Pop singer
  30. J-Yo 제이요 of Lucky J 럭키제이
  31. Wilcox 윌콕스
  32. Tae Wan 태완(Leassang)
  33. Kamo- Recently heard a song from him and really enjoyed it~
  34. Saero 새로
  35. HA:TFELT
*Pop singers that have songs with RnB undertones There is an insane amount of pop singers who have the odd RnB song out there,or even an album full. However in the end they fall more into the pop category than anything else. So instead of being included on the actual list, they get an honourable mention. Kpop group singers who have solo singles out that fit this genre are also included in this. (Aren’t I nice?)

In No Particular Order:

  1. Se7ven
  2. Lee Hyori
  3. Rain
  4. Yoseob of B2st
  5. Taeyang of BigBang- yes has has abeuatifu voice, yes he has a lot of RnB songs, but he also made RingaLinga and other horrific rap/pop/elctro hybrids.
  6. D.O of Exo

Hope this gave you a little insight into a few more artists that identify with an RnB sound and that you find someone you like~
Here are the Spotify & YT Playlists:

Thanks for reading~


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