Continued on from SFW Street Style #3, here is my fourth and final blog post with the last photos I took at Fashion Week.
As always: If you would rather, click on the first picture to view full screen and browse all photos, rather than scroll down through the post.
(Name, Instagram etc provided when known)
June.J/정성준- @s_zzune
(Right) Han Hyunmin/한현민- SF.ent- @h_h_m0519
(left to right) 황윤성- Col.ent Model- yoon_sung__, 고상혁- Col.ent Model- @kosanghyeok
(left to right) Jeong Hyoim/정효임- Aile Company M.Mgmt- @jhyommm


선데-Esteem Estudio- @dj_sundae
This officially concludes my report on Seoul Fashion Week! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that one day soon I will be able to attend another SFW.
Thank you for reading~

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