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So, the next day that I was able to go was actually the final day of the whole event, Saturday. I was very very excited for the this day in particular, because there was a group of us going and we had co-ordinated outfits (I have a post about our outfits for that day here).  The other big thing that was happening this day is that I got tickets to watch the Andy & Debb show in the afternoon of the Saturday. Unlike last year where you had to receive and invitation to get into shows, many shows opened up a select number of ticket for the public to win via lottery. After much Instagram re-gramming, sharing, signing up on shops and commenting on posts, I was rewarded by winning tickets. I was especially excited because it was the first ‘official’ fashion show that I was attending, and after watching numerous shows, online or via live feed I was eager to feel the actually atmosphere in the room. ( I have a separate post on the show here!)
So as well as these wonderful things happening, Saturday was very busy and I to many many wonderful pictures of people dressed in their own styles. Similar trends were present this day. I saw even more red tint glasses, even more denim, and many fur coats. A lot of coloured suits for guys and less straight cut versions of these were present for the women. 
Anyway I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos I took at fashion week!!
If you would rather, click on the first picture to view full screen and browse all photos, rather than scroll down through the post
(Name, Company, Instagram etc provided when known)

Park Gyuseung/박규승- @pgyu97
(left to right) Jeong Hyoim/정효임- @jhyommm, Hwang Dokyung/황덕경- @_dkdk_, Han Eudeum/한으뜸 @haneuddeum- (All Aile Company)
Shin Jaehyuk/신재혁- YG K+- @hyukik
DianaIkhsanova- @dianaikhsanovaa
(left to right) Yeseul- @yeseul309, Song Jisu/송지수- @song_jisu_, Kim Nahye/김나혜- @hi_imhye, 황윤성- @yoon_sung__, Kim Jino/김지노 @jinoinsta_r -(All Col Ent)
(left to right) Seo Suwon/서수원- @tndnjs9285, Kwon Hyunbin/권현빈- @komurola (Both YGK+)
(left to right) Kim Myeongjin/김명진- @myeonggjin, An Yewon/안예원- @anyewon0210 -(Both YGK+)
Ida Åstrand- @iidajosefine
Park Somin/박소민- Climax- @ssom0422
Jang Hanna/장한나- @newthing_J
(left to right) Kim Seohyun/김서현, Jang Hanna/장한나- @newthing_J
(right) @95_2cc
(left to right) 장예승- @yenijang, 오송화- AM- @osonghwa
(left to right) @jiwon_2288, @jin_hyang11.03
(left to right) Suk Ilmyeong / 석일명- Esteem Estudio- @ilmyeong_suk, Shinjunyong/신준용- Esteem Estudio- @walk_like_aman
김강우- AM M.Mgmt-@gauguyga
(left to right) 박기연- @keeyeonpark, 이재혁- @akasame, 김강우- @gauguyga
(Left) 손유리- @yur1.s
(centre) Kim Myeongjin/김명진- YGK+ – @myeonggjin
김대규- @kimda19
김상희- @savy.sh
강희웅(Danny)- @thizisdan
강승진- Esteem- @kang_seb
(left to right) Kim Beomjin/김범진- @beomjin__, Jang Jaehun/정재훈- @jaehun980, @tlstjd0302, Kim Yoonsuk김윤석- @yoon_suk98, Yu Daehyuk/유대혁- @a_ir_plane (All YGK+ Academy)
Continued in my next post!

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