Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi!
So I actually missed out on the field day last semester because I was gallivanting around Sokcho with some friends. So I was excited to join to join this time. The day consisted of KUBA groups joining in pairs to form 4 mega groups which we competed in throughout the day. This semester I am in Group 1- Champ1one, and we were paired with Group 5- 5keyDokey, creating the name Champ1Dokey (don’t laugh). it was a great chance to speak to other people from different groups and have some fun. Our team didn’t do amazingly we’ll but then the weather wasn’t great and it got cut short because the rain was too heavy and the courts were to dangerous to play on…so I’m not entirely sure who won..
But over all we had a great day, and most importantly, ate lots of pizza!!

Check out some of the pictures below:

Thanks for reading~

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