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So I had the amazing opportunity to see Andy & Debb’s [앤디앤뎁] new season show on the final day of Fashion week. Unlike last year where you generally had to receive and invitation, many shows opened up a select number of ticket for the public to win. After much Instagram re-gramming, sharing, signing up on shops and commenting on posts, I was rewarded by winning two tickets. My friend Charlotte came with me and we were both incredibly excited. I didn’t take many photos. I was too engrossed in the show, so I will supplement  this post with some photos from other fashion medias.

Andy & Debb Show Report:

(The only good photo I took…..^^)

The show:
The show was very cleverly done straightforward catwalk shows are becoming more rarer and the show itself is becoming just as much of a spectacle as the clothes being shown. The makeup and hairstyle were very neutral but sophisticated, like a marble chess set. the chess theme further makes use of the idea that the model is nothing but a body for the clothes. The models waked on slowly, black on the right and white on the left did a figure of eight so that the other side of the audience could see the other set of clothes. They then slowly took places on the chess board in front of the audience, until they filled all the spaces. The music changed and they began weaving in and out, as playing an actually game of chess. It was very clever and I really loved this extra detail put into this choreography.

Afterwards they had moved a few steps, the models then and walked out in two lines as well as they walked in. what made the show interesting was the lack of outfit changes, as all eh chess pieces and to be on the board, and once a model was on the board, they did not leave. The only male model were the knights, the rest were female models. Not too surrpisng about the lack of male models in the collection, but it was nice to see some. The show also had many big name slaking for them, even from the beginning when reading my programme I was excited to see the models walk.

The collection:
Chess team equals monochrome, which was anwodnerful condense because my friends and I had a monochrome theme forth day. (I felt very fashion forwards haha). All the clothes had a common thread, high ruffle necks and baggy shaped jumper dresses. Pearls seems to be the main form of embellishment and al the clothes were very elegant looking. A couple of the pieces had giant chess pieces on their fronts or back and make for great statement pieces. The cookbook is not yet out so it is hard for me to illustrate my point, as soon as it’s published I will update this with a moe in-depth look at the collection.

All in all, for my first official fashion show it was an excellent show to see. To watch the full show click here!!

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