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So due to being super super busy this week, the first day of fashion week that I could attend was actually Wednesday, Day 2. Nevertheless, I had a great time and I alway love to see what people will be wearing and see if I can spot any familiar faces. The most noticeable trend that I could see just from one day of being there was out definitely pastel pink and blue, everyone was wearing! I also noticed that one-colour blocking was a common occurrence along with double denim (of course) and the ever popular reflective sunnies.
Check out my street fashion snaps below and mine and my friend’s(check out her blog here) own outfit choices for the day:
If you would rather, click on the first picture to view full screen and browse all photos, rather than scroll down through the post.
(Name, Instagram etc provided when known)
정호연 [Jang Ho Yeon], Esteem Models, @hoooooyeony ^
Right: 안예원 [An Ye Won], YGK+ Models @anyewon0210^
권현빈 [Kwon Hyun Bin], YGK+ Models, @komurola
희림 [Hee Rim], CutnCurl models, @badassrimmy
Susie Lau, Fashion Blogger, @susiebubble
류경아 [Ryu Gyeong Ah], @cornu_ryu^
정찬영 [Jung Chan Young], Jennifer Management, @___chano___
Right: 김성찬 [Kim Sung Chan], Freelance model, @kimsungchanofficial
Left: 신재혁 [Shin Jae Hyuk], YGK+ Models, @hyukiki
이희수 [Lee Hee Su], Esteem Models, @l_h_s_98^
Red Carpet~

Irene Kim, Esteem Models, @ireneisgood


Jacket: Mango
Top: Sinsa subway shop
Skirt: Stradivarius
Bag: Aldo


Top: Stylenanda
Turtleneck: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Fred Perry
Shoes: Next
Bag: Unknown place in Seoul




Thanks for reading! I hope you’re as excited for my next SFW post as I am!!

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