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Remember me mentioning in my prior post that I would make a blog post on anything spontaneous that happened? Cue the first bizarre, but wonderful event. My friend Emma and I were eating brunch in Gangnam at 5pm (another story), when we decided it would be fun to walk to Sinsa and get bubble tea rather than staying around Gangnam Station. On the way I took us down Garosugil [가로수길], because I enjoy walking down that road. As we turned a corner we noticed lots of people standing outside wth drinks. We both looked confusedly at the scene wondering what on earth was going on, when Emma realised it must be a special event.
    “We should go inside!” she said. Of course the awkward fish that I am, I refused. After about 2 mins of me feebly arguing, Emma succeed in pushing me toward the front door.
      When we got inside, everyone stared at us, probably because we were the only foreigners. But we found a lady who spoke English and asked her what was going on. She then brought one of the organisers to come and explain what was happening. As it happened, we had stumbled upon the opening night of a artistic collaboration between menswear brand Louis Club and two artists, Gbday and RD respectively, joining forces to create ‘KIDULTLIFE’. The lady was super lovely and invited us to stay, have free drinks, look at the original artwork on display, and the clothes that were being sold. Already thinking we’d a hit a jackpot, it got better when we spotted through the crowd, a photographer that we had both met during Seoul Fashion Week last year. It was great to catch up with him and see him again and he also briefly introduced us to one of the creators of the art work.
      The exhibition itself was really cool. The illustrators have a vivid and intricate drawing, and I really enjoyed looking at all the art work. We needed up leaving pretty early because we had a prior engagement planned later. However, before leaving the area we noticed that an APC press sale was taking place across the street. The day was already wonderful, but this was the cherry on top. We went in to have a look at the clothes as everything was 50-80% off; after a couple of minute drooling over the clothes (alas, we did not buy any), we left and actually got our bubble tea before going to our planned engagement.
      It has to be one of the most weird and wonderful and unexpected days I have had here in Korea to date! Anyway, enough talking. Here are a couple pictures that Emma and I took below, it includes wandering the streets of Gangnam-gu, the LOUISxKIDULTLIFE exhibition and the APC Sale. 

      If you fancy a spontaneous trip to see some art, The exhibition is at Louis Club, Sinsa [루이스클럽]
 and was extended from it previous end date of 28th Feb. It’s on for another 2 days, until March 6th!!
-You can find more on the artists and the art they produce together here and here and here~

A.P.C Sale~
Bubble Tea Time~
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Korea~
Line Store~
Hope you enjoyed this post! Here’s to more spontaneous trips!

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