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Whilst writing this I had to try so hard not to look at other publications until I was done…but I am pretty pleased with what I decided and other website same stop all agree so I guess all is well!
 After looking at countless fashion shows and events, I have come up with a list of the most noticeable common trends within some of the most popular designers around. Here is my list of the My Top 15 prints, colours and fashion items that I think will be most likely to appear in the high street fashion for Autumn/Winter 2016.
(All photos used from Vogue.co.uk/.com/.kr)
  1. Pinks & Nudes:
Rose blush, reddish pinks and pinkish tans: The colour is perfect for Autumn as the warm undertones mean that it will make any outfit look warm and cosy when it starts getting chilly outside. Furthermore it is a colour that compliments all skin tones ,so is a winner all round. Maybe I’m just happy that the dusty pink wool coat I bought last winter fits the trends nicely, whatever. 

2. Blues:
Powder blues? Not something I would have initially considered as an A/W colour, but mixed with blue greys, definitely will give a chilly look to any outfit. Bolder royal blues and cobalts are always excellent stand out pieces.


3. Dark Colours: 
They always come to play in November, this year khaki is still popular and of course all the shades of black and grey. Oxblood and burgundy are still great and still in trend (hooray). A lot of grey to been seen, and the inclusion of a lot more dark greens.

4. Bright Colours:
 Red and yellow in particular I noticed in ver similar tones throughout the collections this month. And of course LET’S NOT FORGET PURPLE! At some point since arriving in Seoul, purple became my colour, I’m not sure when or whether it just was all along and I only just realised…but nearly everything bought of winter was purple in some way or another… anyway back to the fashion- Many designers had one or two statement pieces in lilacs and violets. Please makes this a common trend for A/W!

5. Subtle floral patterns:
I went on and on about floral in my show reviews. I  feel that floral pattens are something that never go out of fashion, but in the Summer they always become noticeably more apparent and loud, the large power appliqués in bright shades are swapped this Autumn for delicate flowers that have smaller flower heads and are more stem and leaf then big, in your face, petals, (think forgetmenot over Peony) 


6. Other patterns:
The flowers maybe getting smaller, however other prints get more giant, expect more baroque, large paisleys, giant plaid and tweed in various colours and metallic shades.
Also the carpet prints that we have come to love and associate with winter; Carpet is great. Carpet is here to stay. Embrace the carpet.

7. Calve to thigh length footwear:
Sandals, open yes, boots anything as long as its calf length! There were so very many beautiful thigh length boots that I am excited for what winter brings.
8. Velvet & Suede & Leather:
Always, classy and very warm I adore wearing both these textures during winter. They look good in all colours and it’s nice etc see they are here to stay.

9. Fur:
Unfortunately the presence of faux fur has grown over the past few seasons. I’m not as massive fan of multicoloured faux fur coats, that are appearing. The more natural colours, or lighter dyed coloured coats are much more pleasing to me. I feel like the texture of faux fur is a statement enough without extreme pops of colour, and there appears to be a lot of them coming…well you can’t like every trend I guess.

10. Double Neckline layering:

Bardot necklines are still here. Turtle neck are still here. They are both classy and elegant and can be very flattering. A lot of collections in the fashion weeks this season layered different necklines over each other, something that I saw last winter in Seoul and occasionally in the UK, but I think it’ll hit with full force this year. 


11. Baggy, boxy, loose cuts:
Less designers stuck to the fitted clothes that have been popular recently, and more and more clothes are leaning to the baggy, comfortable, straight and asymmetric cuts that  make any look feel a bit more casual without looking lazy. These boxy cuts that were popular last year with coat, will move into the realms of dress an shirts as well.
12. Ruffles:
Ruffles, Frills, ripples whatever you want to call them, let’s face it, they are back in a big way. They are a trend that I feel falls in and out a lot. But they are definitely in again. So dust off your ruffled shirts from 3 years ago and stroll with pride.


13. Waist Belts
Waist belts to show off your figure in baggy clothes appears to have made a comeback. which is great because I have about 5 I haven’t worn since 2010…

14. Little purses:

I didn’t see many clutch or envelope purses paired with evening dresses this time around. It’s all about dainty round bags and side strap purses. Less heavy for your arms and a little more convenient and cute.
15. Sequins:
Infamous winter dresses full of glittering sequins…I don’t actually see as much sequins in Korea as I do when I’m in the UK but it’s a trend that I feel will never ever leave our New Years Eve party dress dreams. The good news is they seem to be getting less garish and less holographic and gentle to the eyes. Defiantly more wearable for a large age group again.


What were your favourite trends of this fashion week? What do you think will remain on trend and what new things can we expect from next season? Comment Below!
Thanks for reading~ 

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