Exploring Common Ground

March 15, 2016

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Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi!
So it snowed two weeks ago and we decide to explore, we had plane dot go visit an exhibition but too our dismay it was closed. Low in spirits we wandered around for a while but luckily the trip wan’t a tail loos. We decided to visit Common Ground instead. I hadn’t even heard of this place until Emma informed me of it. Common Ground is a shopping complex made out congregated iron storage boxes stacked up, it’s a photographer and Ootd fanatic’s paradise. as there is plenty of places to take nice, trendy, edgy photos. Inside there are many different fashion, accessory, and lifestyle shops, for men and women on the majority of floors. The rooftops, or top floor is home to eateries and the general atmosphere of the place is great. An extremely popular (especially on Instagram) cake shop called DORE DORE(I will do a separate post on this) also has a two floor space in a corner of one of the buildings. It is also know for holding many popup store and a number of designers show there work here. Notably,  There is currently a Marvel Run event taking place (until March 20th) and this Seoul Fashion Week, Common Ground will be a venue host to some of the off schedule fashion shows, (including two of my all-time favourites Cres E Dim and Studio K.) they also have exhibition and in general the place is a really great arty fashion amalgamation with food added for good measure.

 For more info about Common Ground visit their website there’s even a cool time lapse video of how the site was made.

Here’s some photos of our semi-spontaneous trip there, I can’t wait to back again and explore some more~

Thanks for reading~

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