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A look at Paris Fashion Week • It's Yemmi

A look at Paris Fashion Week

March 13, 2016

Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi!

It’s the last one! I have, once more reviewed too many collections and burnt myself out…so yes this post is late, but seeing as it’s a mircrale I finished it I think champagne all round!
Paris Fashion week finished a few days ago and went out with a bang, with some of my all-time favourite brands not failing to impress. So without further ado let me introduce, my personal favourite collections of the week. I’m aware, as always, I have missed out some of the bigger names, but I hope this’ll give a nice overview of everything going on, not just the shows that Vogue or Elle etc choose for show reports.

(All photos used from Vogue.co.uk)

Colours: Mustard, Oranges, Peachy pinks, Tan, Dark emerald greens, Purples
Trends & Patterns: Florals, V necks, Collared shirts, Colour Blocking, Sheer, Ruffles
Materials & Textures: Velvet, Silks and Satins, Chiffon, Sequins
 When I think of Autumn colours, this exactly the sort of collection I want to see. Again, like many other shows, the tones are autumnal oranges and greens. Yet the colours are all still warm tones, creating a warmth we so desperately need as the seasons gets colder. The fact there is only a little bit of tan is nice because soon many collections have a whole lot of tan and brown this year and the inclusive of plum for good measure, really adds to the wintry aspect of this collection. The nudes are so natural that I would agree they would even compliment a darker skin tone because of the warmer tones behind them and definitely could also be replicated in darker shades, without changing the feel or look of the outfit. The deep v neck floral outfits with collars in alternative colours were interesting to see. Colour blocking with a single pattern seems to be the trend of this collection rather than clashing patterns. If there’s more than one pattern then they are all similar, (i.e. all florals). The top half tended to be fashion in straight cuts, complimented by floaty autumnal star-spangled champagne coloured bottoms. All this giving the collection a nice balance, everything compliments well. On topic with this I love the platform shows with flowers on and knee high socks in complimentary and contrasting colours. From the soft ruffles on the clothes, to the models hair, all the pieces have a feminine, loose, blowing in the wind look. As well as this soft metallic the inclusion of sequin was also nice, as they tend to become very popular around the winter party season. They weren’t too garish and looked luminescent rather than holographically blinking as we have seen in many prior seasons of winter sequins.

Colours: Greys, Blacks, Bright Red, Tan, Cobalt blues, Purples, White 
Trends & Patterns: Baggy cuts, animal prints (done right), Florals
Materials & Textures: Lace, velvet, fluffy wollens

H&M always intrigues me because, like Topshop I never really consider them as high fashion and so therefore tend to  somewhat disregard their collections. However I also feel that as these brands exist in high street fashion also, whatever they use in their collections is more likely to be the trend for High Street fashion that season. The rich cobalt blues, muted greys and a hint of camel/tan in this collection is a perfect autumn winter transition colour palette. The outfits with reds incorporated tending to have more patterns,  breaking up the harshest that red and black combined create. The patterns themselves are I guess you could call it ‘ethnic’ but I hate the word, so they are just patterns, nevertheless these were probably my least favourite pieces. The floral patterns were bigger petalled prints unlike many of the other patterns seen this month. However, it worked because the prints were not covering all the material and so didn’t overpower the otherwise quiet delicateness of the collection with it’s loud embellishment. Perfect for chilly days the black outfits were mixed with darker shades of grey, and many of the pieces were heavily embroidered, which prevented the colours from looking to bland. The tailored pieces were loose fitting and sophisticated, the added kick was most defiantly the velvet/suede thigh high boots and barely there lacy tops which gave the outfits a feminine feel; and smart wear, and brought into the causal zone. I was in love with the silky trousers, mainly because they feel soon great when you wear them and even the snakeskin print pleasantly surprise me as I am not a huge fan, but the way it was prettily styled. Overall this  election was a solid  one, the mixture of soft velvets with wooly jumpers and camel coats gave this a very typical Autumn/Winter feel, incorporating many of the trends seen in their collection and definitely very wearable; as expected of H&M. (I disliked the hats.)

Maison Kitsune:
Colours: Baby blue, White, Bright red, Grey
Trends & Patterns: Preppy, Pleated skirts, A-line, Collars, High necks, Berets
Materials & Textures: Wool, Denim
I had to include this short collection because it’s so cute and small but I would 100% buy everything. The clothes remind of a university preppy style (like like like). The print patterned clothes were clean and smart, this was colour matching done well. Plus the fox embroidered jumpers were absolutely adorable~

Colours: Blues, Bright purple (YES Purple is back!), Bright red, Tans, Khaki
Trends & Patterns: Shirts-pastel blues, Double denim Delicate florals
Materials & Textures: Denim, Velvet, Carpet print
SO MUCH DENIM. This collection seems like transition from summer to Autumn and I dread to think about wearing some of these outfits in a Seoul-like winter! Nevertheless if the weather is mild this is a fab collection. Also, that being said, most of the jackets, (if they weren’t denim) and skirts had the ‘carpet look’ which I always associate with winter and appeared along with thicker navy jackets which are perfect for autumn and the beginning of winter; even the colder months of February if worn with the right things. The clothes aren’t heavy or bulky and the cuts are straight and sophisticated. In particular the black patterning on black was really elegant and beautiful and helped cut up the larger brown and tweed pieces. The delicate florals were all over this collection which as I previously mentioned I prefer these more delicate and leafy florals to the loud petalled ones that tend to come out in S/S.A mix of smart and casual some of the cuts were quite old fashioned, (dare I say…frumpy..?), but paired with denim jackets with little MiuMiu crests and tiny bits of fur, and modern cut skirt, they fitted well into the show.
Monocular Gamme Rouge:
Colours: A lot of white, Icey blues, Black, Pop of bright red, Greys
Trends & Patterns: Baroque, pleated skirt, Subtle christmas prints, puffy sleeve, sheer, delicate florals
Materials & Textures: wooly fluffy sheepiness, lace

This collection was light and airy and delicate, perfect if you want to avoid heavy knits and such for fear of being frumpy (I love being frumpy, as my mum calls it but thats just me). All winter delights, something from Frozen if it were set in the modern day, I would even say Northern European, if it weren’t for the french flag straps on the bags. In hers of the colours, the scheme is very simple, the ombre of blues to whites was a nice touch and I I really feel this’ll appear in much high street fashions, ombre things are always very popular. The fur looked super luxurious in this collection, like a warm rug in Ikea that you’re dying to lie on and roll around in…(I don’t actually do this, honest). The light colours of the fur also made it not too heavy or overpowering, unlike the more natural born furs or the multicoloured ones seen in other collections.The white tights gave me an impression of the determinedness that I saw in constantly in Seoul over Winter. The ‘ee don’t care if it’s minus degrees we like shorts and skirts’ look. Although I’m not sure I could rock white tights, they looked great with the outfits. The  harness/braces/lederhosen were very odd and I spent half the collection working out what they were and whether I liked them. For the record, by the end of the show I was firmly in love. The waist-high little purses with french straps were cute and, you guessed it, I really hated the hats.
Louis Vuitton:

Colours:  Bright red, Electric blue, Orange, Green, Black, tiny bit of tan
Trends & Patterns: Asymmetric cuts, military style, deep v necks
Materials & Textures: silky chiffons, leather, satins, vinyl
This collection was much darker than most of the other, giving it a vampy winter feel wth it’s inclusions of vinyl and leather. A lot more causal and wearable than most, the clever placing of colour on sides of jumpers and tops gave the clothes a sort of waist clinching impression. Along with the flowing skirts, this collection really shows off your waist. It’s the  sort of collection I would love to wear, however as bright colours look better on me I feel that the deeper tone son this collection would drown me out a little. The bodysuit was so very great I would buy it in an instant. The geometric shapes made them look futuristic and wonderful, again very flattering and focusing emphasising various body parts. Going with the theme of flattering certain body parts the necklines accentuated shoulders and the tops were paired with straight legs and flowing skirts of silky materials, which helps to break the harshness of the darker colours. Really…what is with hats this season?

Colours: dark navy blue grey blues black and white, Pastel Pink, Purple(YESS)
Trends & Patterns: Animal prints(obviously, it’s Kenzo), Baggy cuts, boat necklines, high necklines, puffed sleeves, ruffles
Materials & Textures: Leather, Vinyl, Silky satins
It should be know that I like Kenzo, a lot. My beloved since 2011…
 According to Vogue “The show notes stated cult Nineties Japanese manga series, Sailor Moon, as an influence,” this already got my heart beating I love Sailor Moon and I love Kenzo, what could be better than the marrying of the two!?
The collection started off quite modest with its design and then, as expected, went into full pattern attack mode by the end. I must say the puffed sleeves really didi get me thinking of Sailor Moon but with so many clashing patterns, I find myself being reminded of the colours used in the transformations in Sailor Moon (rather than their costumes or everyday fahsion) in all their psychedelic glory. (I feel a gif is necessary to make you see what I mean) 
Anyway~ Moving on: The florals in Kenzoo are a lot louder than other collections, but I would argue still rather muted compared their usual pattern explosions of Summer. Also did I see purple!? Excellent news Kenzo, I knew you had my back. Tops were loose and ruffled with more straight lines for the bottoms, arguably the opposite of say Vuitton’s collection.Obviously there is tiger prints, it’s not news if say that. As I have before mentioned I am not necessarily a fan but Kenzo’s iconic tiger prints win my heart nearly every time. The main colouring of the tiger prints this season were purple/blue, pink and standard tiger colours of yellow/orange. The tiger striped footwear was also pleasant, not too offensive and pretty subtle. Finally the fur…sigh. I will grit my teeth and bear it, but animal print and fur are my two most disliked trends and combined they make me cry a little. But at least there was only one full fur coats in this collection. The preppy combination of boat necked tops and turtlenecks is something I see in Seoul a lot and its nice to see it in a high fashion brand as I really like this style. The shiny shoes and floral bomber/biker jackets, 
the ruffled shirts with vinyl miniskirts, Kenzo is great at combining not only colours, but patterns and textures in it’s outfits. I feel that Kenzo is a brand that really shines during Spring/Summer but I was very happy with this collection. Last note, how amazingly beautiful were the Cinderella-esque shoes!? I’m in love~

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