Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi!

So I’m back in Korea after my lovely winter break in England!!
Home was great and I had such a wonderful and relaxing time with my family and visiting my friends at my home university. Nevertheless I am also very very happy to be back! I’m super excited for what this year has to bring and my first few weeks back in Seoul have flown by!
Here’s little bit of my plans for the semester coming, what you can expect on this blog and what I’ve been up to since arriving back:
Posts about Fashion Weeks around the world
Seoul Fashion Week FW16
Trip to Busan
Cherry Blossom hunting
입실렌티[Ipselenti] (KU Festival)
More ‘Yemmi Loves Cafes’
More ‘Yemmi Loves Music’
-and you can be sure of many more spontaneous events to occur!
Arriving and first day~

You can follow these lovely ladies here and here^^
First full day back in Seoul. Meeting friends for Lunch, coffee, dinner and ‘study’ *cough cough*~
 Drinking and eating with old friends and meeting new ones~

Belated Birthday celebration for my friend~
 Saying goodbye too friends leaving Seoul..obviously includes pizza…
Exploring Gangnam[강남], a.k.a walking from Seoul Nat Univ Edu[교대] to Sinsa [신사]…(it took a while)
 See you in my next blog!!!

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