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Okay so this post is a little long because I got excited and carried away when looking at all the clothes…I had to cut quite a bit.
So New York Fashion week just finished and I must admit I have followed along jealously. I would love to attend a New York Fashion week, maybe one day I will! Anyway this is a quick little blog post of me gushing about my favourite shows and collections and my general overview of this year’s NYFW Fall/Winter:

(All photos used from Vogue.com)

Tommy Hilfiger:

Like so may of his collections, stripes are ever present. The collection I thought had a cute feel to it, with it’s puffed sleeves. I felt this collection would be a nice transition into Autumn and transition into Spring because it reminds me so much of a S/S collection just with a slightly darker feel. Ideal for British weather that always seems to be grey…

Thom Browne:

To be honest all I really want to do is talk about Thom Browne because I adored that show. It was really aesthetically pleasing, I think the fashion show is as important as the collection and it always gives me joy when the show is interesting. The pieces were very asymmetrical and different, not very wearable but great nonetheless. The colour scheme was a bit dark with most of the clothes in shades of navy and grey…but i love grey and loved the rest of the show so I’m going to hold my tongue.

Michael Kors:

The purple outfits were amazing!!!! I love them so much ah~ Introducing lime was interesting too, a pleasant surprise. The rest of the collection consist of tan, blue and made full use of different textures, feathers, fur and embroider all made the simple cuts of the clothes really special. Lots of tweed, metallics and floral patterns were present, things that never really go out of trend.

Ralph Lauren: 

Almost entirely browns and tans, all warm, and muted patterns of tweed etc (very British in that sense ㅋ) to the crushed velvet, silks and metallics of the gorgeous dresses, this collection really is a treat.

Alexander Wang:

This collection was very casual and very very wearable. In fact it probably one of the most wearable collections I saw for everyday styling( if you like edgy modern clothes that is). I love the sheer panels on the clothes, the baggy tops matched with fitted bottoms. The colour scheme leant to the more monochrome side with additional khaki added for good measure, but the variety of prints and texture on the clothes stop this from being boring. Not a massive fan of the lettering on some of the tops or the pole dancing lady, but the fluffy jumpers made up for that.


The ever gorgeous dresses of Marchesa make me sigh with longing and play reruns of Disney princess movies. I really really like their dresses, they’re up there with Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. And this collection did not fail to disappoint me. Tastefully sheer styles with plentiful embroider and floral appliqué the light pink and nude hues make these dresses delicate and very pretty. Even the more striking royal blues and reds are a sight to see. Where’s the ball? I’m ready.

Jeremy Scott:

Was fun and colourful like always. His shows are always enjoyable to watch beciaaue his designs are always different, however unlike most years I actually liked about half the clothes this time! I guess my style really has changed this coming to Korea…old me would me horrified haha (old me must have been v. boring)

Zac Posen:

Never ever fails to impress with his collections. The colours were gorgeous so very beautiful.  the rosy red blending into browns, the midnight blues to the olive greens it’s nice to see warm toned colours appearing in collections. Proving that just because we wear dark colours in winter it doesn’t mean that they have to be as cold as the weather.


The is collection was full of lace and floral wonders, not as wearable as other collections but all extremely unique statement pieces and all intricately beautiful. You don’t have to let your creativity die along with the weather. That being said, I wasn’t a fan of the fur coats.

Vera Wang:

I loved this collection, simple but really elegant and beautiful. Other than that, it is again quite a dark colour scheme of khaki, black and tans, but the assyemntric cuts, subtle floral patterns, slits and sheer fabrics cut up this darkness stopping them from looking to plain and bleak. A lot of diamond patterns and contradicting colours used in their collection it was fun and definitely more of a statement collection.

Saint Laurent: 

The thing I first noticed about this collection was the fact most of the clothes were fitted and structured rather than the more baggy and loose looks of its fellow fashion shows, it made the collection seem very 80s? A lot of velvet and clashing prints made it stand out. I can’t say the collection was really my taste, (Although I was really loving the bedazzled space blazer) but from sequins to leopard print the collection embraced many trends that never really go out of fashion.


The colours were warm toned, the different shades of red lining the black gave the clothes great depth and all the clothes are rather loose and oversized. The highlight, and the thing that made this collection stand out for me, was definetly all the models coming out at the end in crewnecks with different NYFW slogans on it.

J. Mendel:

I adored the emerald colour that was introduced in his collection. An alternative to the reds of autumn, I think it’s a great colour to wear in the colder days. It’s striking but still avoids the cliche of standout red. The pieces with statement pattern parts and block colours were definitely my favourite items.

Anna Siu:

A lot of patterns, I loved half the collection and the other half was a little bit to much for me. Having said that, all the colours used were beautiful.

Jason Wu: 

Wasn’t sure about the floral prints but the feathers~. On dresses. I like. The blue colour scheme was well used, and the colour blocking wasn’t too extreme but instead complemented the tan and black colours well. The whole collection is rather fitted and smart looking with the exception for the coats and jacket which hung lovely off the models. The feathers really were the best bit.

Prabal Gurung:

An ice winter wonderland of evening balls, this collection has some very pretty dresses with lots of nice metallic embellishments.


This collection was sleek, smart and fitted, the clothes emphasised body parts well and the use of leather in their collection was really nice. there were a number of very wearable leather items which I think is great as many people struggle to wear and style leather clothes that aren’t jackets.

Public School:

Silvers, rose pinks and neon pops of colour, all of the collection had a very sport luxe feel to it but also made full use of the layering effect of jumpers over jumped. boxy cuts and jagged edged trousers characterterised this collection which gave in a unique feel. I really enjoy date bright pops of colour in the otherwise berry neutral tones of black and khaki. Turtle neck are still in it seems, so I guess it’s a good job I just bought a bunch (haha).


Another more colourful collection which I enjoyed a lot  though a bit like Hilfiger I can’t see me wearing half of these things in winter… well a winter in England that is.I would probably wear this stuff in Seoul, I’m wearing a bright blue and red jumper has I write this, KYE is a Korean brand and I think it matches nicely with the more edgy styles that emerge through the winter here. There was a lot of flared trousers which have been coming back into fashion this past year, I’m still partial to the skinny leg, but I can’t deny that flares look really awesome on some people and can really complement your body shape. Kye is know for uniques patterns and especially hands/fingers, which spell out the design name, this is further shown throughout the collection with many iconic looking tops and dresses sporting the brands logo. the picturesque quality of the logo means that it is a bit more subtle than a bog standard lettered font and it can easily be mistaken for a pattern rather than the word ‘KYE’ embroidered again and again. A lot the clothes seem quite androgynous and easy for all to wear and style however.


Some geourgoues patterns and colours in this collection the colours are all very rich and there is a lot of metallics in this collection. I liked the puffy long length sleeves on the dress, they gave the dress a nice shape and really added to the cut of the dress. With high necks and deep plunges this collection screams ‘dream winter event dress’.

Sophie Theallet: 

Again another collection of warm toned colours that compliment natural skin shades well. The inclusion of several rusty looking dresses and the gray blues were especially pretty. I wasn’t a fan of all the patterns used, however the mixing of different textures, furs with silks, and satins gave this collection a luxurious feel.


Baggy slouchy clothes this collection n looks so sleek and fashionable but so so comfortable at the same time. Maybe its the amount of wool numbers in this collection? My favourite looks were probably the ones worn by the male models- ultimate ready to wear comfort.

Celebrity Brands:

I guess I have to talk about Yeezy too, but to be honest I felt that the designs weren’t exciting enough and it was very ‘meh’ in my opinion, the colours are nice and there were some nice(ish) items, but with barely any patterns and very plain cuts, it’s hard for me to say I liked this collection. 
On the other hand, Fenty X Puma also had a small colour spectrum but the almost entirely monochrome collection was done right. All the clothes have a sporty, luxe, causal feel to it and the clothes all seem pretty wearable. Although I would say it isn’t on the same level as the other designer collections at NYFW I must admit that Rihanna pleasantly surprise me with this collection, I like it a lot. Definitely more than Kanye West’s.

Well that’s it! There were so many more collection that I loved and wanted to talk about but i hope this gave you a taste of New York Fashion Week. If you are interested I highly recommend checking out Vogue website where they have photos of the all collections~

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