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So yet again I have another Boots Christmas Ted Baker gift box to review! (For my review on last years TB gift box click here!) I must admit I liked this one much more, the packaging alone was a big bonus. The pstelled colours with floor patterns and rose gold finishes really appealed to my aesthetic vanity. However the range of products was not as wide as Ted Abbey, Majestic Marvel instead provides two fragrances for each product. RRP of £50 (Though I think it went down in sales!!), here is a very brief first impression:

Body Lotion:
The mint green products smell of violet, vanilla and amber, whilst the pink is jasmine, neroli and muskBoth smell equally wonderful. The pink bottle has a subtle pink tint to the cream whereas the green is, you guessed it, green. As you can see from the pictures, it’s not very apparent though. They are heavily perfumed but the smell is quite light and not too overpowering. Both have the same ingredients in and a moisturising without out being greasy. The pump mechanism was a nice touch as it made it easier to handle the product.

Bubble Bath:
Makes good bubbles! Lets be honest not all bubble baths really do what they say on the packaging but I found these two to create nice foamy scented bubbles in the bath tube. You do need a rather strong water pressure however else I fear the solution is not good enough to create giant foam in a bath. Like the lotion, the bubble baths come in

Body Wash:
Like the two products above, it came in both smells and is a pretty bog standard body wash. Nothing particularly special other than the smell. I wish that the body wash also had a pump instead of a squeeze bottle…

Hand Cream:
Last but not least the hand cream! I was a very big fan of the last hand cream I review and this one has not let me down either. My hands stay nourished and soft for ages and a little product goes a long way. I was however slightly disappointed at the size of the hand cream in comparison to last years as it was half the size.

I really like Ted Bakers toiletries, they last a long time and are pretty good quality. However I do have to question the price of them. I feel that they are slightly overpriced for what they are and that with this gift set in particular, I was paying for the fancy box the priests came in. Nevertheless I like this grift stet and think that it would be a perfect birthday gift for somebody.

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