London New Year’s Eve

 London New Years Day

What a year its been.. My 1-year anniversary of my blog has also passed during this time which is amazing, I started this blog as a bit of an experiment to see if I wanted to pursue a different kind of writing to what I’m usually used to and wasn’t sure if I would still be writing a year later! Well, anyways, Happy 2016 everybody! I thought I would do a quick post about my hopes for the New Year. ( For help on choosing your own New Year goals, check out one of my first ever blog posts that I published exactly a year ago!) With all this reflection I’ve decided to look back at this year and come up with New Year’s resolutions that will hopefully help me to build on the expense I have gained this year and make 2016 even better.

1.        Blog posts every other week
Try to post a bog post every other wee and become more regular with my online presence. keeping up a blog was more work than I anticipated, and truthfully I had a fair few drafts ready to go but I just…forgot. So for 2016, I’m gonna try my very best to be more frequent with my posts but still keep up the quality!
2.        Be in bed asleep by 1am
Turn around my body clock. I have had slight insomnia the past few months and I most defiantly wish to change this as soon as possible. I’m currently back in the UK with my family for winter break but hopefully next semester I can sleep before 5am -_-. My logic is if I’m asleep before 2am, I can still have 6 hours sleep even if my classes start at 9am. (I know my sleeping habits are awful…. baby steps).
3.        Send less time on my phone and more times reading
I’m an English Literature student. I Iove books. But I always complain that I don’t have time to read the things I want to read because I’m so bogged down in uni work. This isn’t entirely true, I actually just sped my spare time doing other less productive things. So this year I will spend less time online, mindlessly surfing the Internet and spend at least 7 hours reading a week.
4.        Improve my Korean proficiency.
Since coming to Seoul almost 5 months ago, my Korean has improved vastly, my pronunciation s better and my listening and understanding has skyrocketed in comparison. Even though I will have left Seoul by August, I hope to continue this positive trend and go back to self study like I did before Korea. The aim is to be intermediate level by 2017.
5.        Fruit water level up.

I love fruit. I love water. I most definitely do not drink 2 litres a day or eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg. So quite simply I will aim to stick to this in an attempt to become a healthier person. Its all very well saying that you need to go on a diet or try detoxing but if you’re not even doing the basics for healthy eating what’s really the point?

What are your resolutions?

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