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London New Year's Fireworks and a weekend in London • It's Yemmi

London New Year’s Fireworks and a weekend in London

January 5, 2016

Hi Everyone, it’s Yemmi!

When my parents surprised me with the news that they had got tickets to see the fireworks at the London Eye on New Year’s Eve I was still in Korea planning my return to England for the winter. Now I have been home for almost 2 weeks and I can say that it was cold (very cold) and my hands and feet were aching, the trek back to our hotel was also rather awful. However we had wine and coffee to keep us company, there was music playing whilst we waited for midnight and everyone around us was friendly and in high spirits. The fireworks were an awesome way to welcome the New Year and absolutely wonderful to watch.  We then spent the next few days going around London with some family friends and visiting people in the vague southern area of England.  Here are a few photos of how I welcomed the new year~

Happy New Year Guys~

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