First and last days with KUBA 25th XOX5~^^

Hi Guys, it’s Yemmi!

(Warning this post is a little soppy) With the bulk of holiday celebrations out of the way I have begun to prepare for my return to Korea and my second semester. After an incredible first semester, its safe to say I am extremely excited for what my final months in Korea have in store for me. I’ve studied a new subject, tried food I never thought I’d eat in a million years and met some of the dearest people in the world. Whether its been big events like Seoul Fashion week or going away on trips with my group (XOX5 forever <3) or little things like sleepovers with friends and wandering around Seoul to find breakfast at 1pm, the 4 months of first semester were unforgettable. And because I’m feeling cheesy here’s a cheeky little photo montage of my highlights~

Arriving in Korea and KU orientation:
-We are introduced to our KUBA groups and our lovely buddies for the first time. My first time drinking soju (진짜 맛있네!) and generally getting familiar with my surroundings. We go on a ‘city tour’ and visit Insadong[인사동], Gyeongbokgun Palace[경북궁], and see a performance of the famous ‘Cooking Nanta’ show.

Cheering orientation and GoYonJeon[고연전]:

-One of the most enjoyable things I ever taken part in! I really felt a part of the university cheering on our sports teams and singing and dancing with the other students.

The CryGroup Hiphop Festival, Seoul Fashion Week and a Weekend in Sokcho:

-I saw almost every hiphop artist I could have dreamed of seeing, including Verbal Jint, AOMG, Illionarie and Dynamic Duo (I was slightly starstruck). We went to Sokcho for the Horseback Archery Championships where my friend was being photographer, it was also our first time in a part of Korea that wasn’t Seoul, it was very very different. Sometimes the best things are done last minute and on a whim.
Midterms, My Birthday and the  International Student Fair (ISF):
– Yeah…exams weren’t that fun > < But ISF gave us an opportunity to earn more about the difference countries we had all come from and also got us out of class for the day, there was games, a fashion show and of course food! Turning 21 in a foreign country. I thought it would be a lonely event, I didn’t expect to have mad that many friends before my birth came around. I was wrong, my lovely freinds bought me cake and presents and celebrated with me after classes had finished for the day.  was so grateful for them that day~
MT(Membership Training) with Group 5 XOX5:

-We went away to Ui-dong[우이동] and stayed over night at a pension.  We had barbecue, drank, played games and sang karaoke  together

SOOO much fun! I definitely felt much closer to everyone after we spent so much time together.
My Beautiful language exchange group:
-Within Group 5, as well as my little buddy group I was in a langue exchange group as well. We met occasaionllay to eat and chat and they encouraged me to feel less shy about speaking Korean.
Spending time with XOX5
-Multiple times every week. Whether it was just meeting or lunch or drinking together or visiting theme parks. My KUBA group were wonderful and I can’t imagine my last semester without them all.   Not everyone was staying for a year like me and lots of the Korean buddies were graduating or going one their own study abroad, so many have already left….I hope I get a chance to see them all again one day.
End of Semester ㅠㅠ:
-KUBA had a goodbye ceremony where we got to watch video recaps of the past 4 months, give out awards and receive presents and reflect together on the time spent together. I won one of the Best Buddy Awards for Group 5 which was the best surprise. I will definitely try just as hard next semester to be a good buddy!! After we went to eat and drink together, it got pretty emotional but was still a 
great night.
Everyone together~
 The presidents of KUBA for next semester!
Back home I ago:
-After last minute Christmas shopping and finishing some assignments, I hopped on the plane and came home. 모두 너무 보고싶다…곧 난 돌아올게…

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