Situated in Hapjeong, (10 minute walk from exit 3) Cafe La Douce [라두스(Not to be confused with Cafe La Main Douce [라망두스] in Hongdae) is a go to cafe if your enjoy coffee art. This adorable French inspired cafe is famous for its wonderful foamy latte art glory and its cheese shaped cheesecakes. Yep, that’s right, Cheese shaped cheesecake. What to say about this place? ummm….EVERYTHING IS GOOD. That is all.

-Excuse the rubbishy photos, my phone had broken and I didn’t take my camera with me -_-
Sooo please enjoy the joys of iPhone 3 quality pics:

Caramel Latte Snowman^^
Vanilla Latte Cat^^
Green Tea Latte Bear^^
The Famous Cheese Cheesecake^^
Crepe Cake^^
The chef even caramelises the sugar on the crepe cake infront of you after giving you your plate, it’s pretty impressive. The individual cheesecake slices are cut from a cake that looks like a wheel of cheese just to add to the cheesiness of it all!
All. So. Good.
Very happy customers^^

-You can find Cafe La Douce on Instagram and Facebook!

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