It’s official I have been in South Korea for exactly 8 weeks and 4 days!

It has been so amazing and wonderful I can’t even begin to think of my favourite things here.

I remember being so nervous on the plane, it was the longest flight I had taken by a good 3 hours and the first time id flown alone, without family or friends besides me. I remember getting to the airport and stressing out because my phone hadn’t been unlocked like it was meant to and the address id been given of where i was staying was incorrect and my taxi driver had to ring people to find out where to take me…. this all happened before 10 am the day I arrived.  Despite the stress of that day I was also  incessantly excited,and despite my first week seeming to be a distant blur,  something that still hasn’t faded 5 weeks later is that very excitement to be in this country. Admittedly it’s not all been ice cream and sparkles, I am still at a university over here and studying is very much still the biggest part of my life, but even normal university life is not normal UK uni life and everyday I’m learning and experiencing new things.

Settling in has been much much easier than expected, I had no culture shock whatsoever when I arrived which i think is a testament to the difference a little bit of research prior to arriving can be. (okay it was over 3 years of being interested in Korea and preparing but whatever) Korea University has an amazing buddy system here called KUBA which pairs korean students with a coule of exchange students who are then all part of a larger group of approximately 80 people, Koreans and foreigners who have social events at every week. It is a more or less flawless way of making sure exchange students feel welcome, part of the university and a little less segretageted from the rest of the students. The Korean students all have good profiencency in English and as well as helping you adjust to life in Korea are friendly and absolutely lovely. Making friends in a foreign country is so important to adjusting well and not feeling isolated, especially in a country where there isn’t a lot of foreigners.

My classes are going as expected in any country, I complain about the amount of reading, stay up a little too late to finish the chapter and become sleepy in the slightly too warm classroom. I’ll definitely do a separate blog post about class at a Korean University but although it has it’s differences it really is a very similar feeling to back home. All in all, life here is going really well and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for my remaining months here!
Here’s somethings you can look forward to hearing about from me!

Seoul Fashion Week
MT (Membership Training)

As always, I’ll finish off with some of my favourite photos of my two months here.
See you in my next blog!

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