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Saying goodbye to England, visiting Devon and the London Korean Festival 2015 • It's Yemmi

Saying goodbye to England, visiting Devon and the London Korean Festival 2015

August 23, 2015

Before I left my parents decided to take us on a small weekend break to Devon. Its one of my favourite place in England and I was so happy to visit one last time before I left for Korea.
The weather was unusually good for England and I took some beeeauuuutiful photos. We were camping next to a lake and were only a 20min walk through fields to the coast. Obviously we went to the beach (in true British holidaying fashion) but we also visited my all time favourite town in Devon, featuring my all time favourite castle…Dunster!

I also went to the London Korean Festival in an attempt to ‘prepare’ for Korea (I actually just really wanted to go) It was London’s first ever and I think they did a pretty good job of it! There was traditional Korean food from local Korean restaurants, shops, arts and crafts, B-boy dance offs, K-fashion, K-Webtoons and of course K-music (rock and pop) featuring F(x) headlining! It was pretty awesome, especially as I went with my sister and housemate (check out her blog hereeee http://rachelltownsend.blogspot.com) so they got to experience Korean culture too!

Below are a select few of the last photos I took in the UK


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