Ellis Faas’ cosmetics have always been on my ‘I MUST HAVE THEM THIS VERY INSTANT’ list and finally it has happened!

 Ellis Lips come in four types: Milky lips, Glazed lips, Creamy lips and Hot lips.
Known to only make shades in ‘human colours’ all 36 colours of Ellis Faas ranges are in shades that flatter all skin tones. They can be purchased at Liberty London (and web), Selfridges (London store and web), websites like Beautybay and of course Ellisfaas.com and RRP for £23 each, pricey I know. 
I brought two of her lip pens, Creamy Lips in Pale Peach(L108) and Hot Lips in Bright Orange(L402). Both colours are highly pigmented, a little goes a very long way!
At first glance the products are very attractive, the sleek silver style make them look very enticing and they are also perfect to slip into your bag on the go.

 To apply you twist the bottom of the pen until the colour appears. At first I thought that they didn’t work because it took so long to come through, however after at little bit of patience the colour burst through the pen and I applied it with ease. I found that the Creamy Lips pen went on my lips slightly easier than the hot lips, probably because the consistency was…well, creamier (duh).

 I found that the pens work well for a light stain or full coverage on your lips. However, when applying just enough to stain my lips, they dried out quicker than when I applied the pens in full. Having said that, it’s nothing some prepping with lip balm can’t solve.

The bright orange is intense, I’m seriously impressed with the amount of pigment in this pen. I have worn it regularly and it stays on all day and is still there after I’ve eaten.
The peach, whilst it is pretty, I fear is slightly too pale for my skin tone. I don’t usually wear nude shades and so don’t really have the confidence to pull it of fully. Instead I tend to mix it with other lipsticks to tone down the colour or a thin layer on it’s own to give my lips slight colour.

 Creamy Lips: Pale Peach- 4/5
Hot Lips: Bright Orange- 5/5
Although they are quite expensive, the Ellis Lips definitely win for colour and lasting hold. If you see someone selling one on Ebay or a department store with a sale, I suggest you grab one!
What do you think? I personally have always loved Ellis Faas but do you think her products are worth the money? let me know in the comments!

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