During the sales my love for clothes and pretty things grows wild and I can’t resist and so tend to buy a fair bit lot.
My first stop was Topshop, the wonderful shop that has too many nice things that I don’t own.

The first thing I picked up: a V bralet.
Bralets have been in fashion for the past few years and definitely don’t show any signs of stopping, I own quite a few already but the v neckline cut of this bralet gives it a different feel to my other ones. It looks great on it’s own or paired with smart clothes for a classier look. I have a love of greys so naturally, I purchased the dark grey version, although the deep red was also very appealing

The t shirt, bralet combo.
Something that I had seen at the start of Autumn in the shop and it had intrigues me greatly, so much so that I ended up buying one in the sale. In my eyes I’m getting a bralet and a t shirt for the price of one, I have actually cut the attaching thread connecting them so that I can also wear them separately if I so choose. I think the layering a bralet over a t shirt is a really cute way of toning down the bralet looks to a more casual everyday style.

Beaded cat ear headband.
To top it off, I also got a pair of these adorable cat ears- great for lazy costumes, parties or everyday wear! Unlike some of Topshop’s previous versions which have usually been made out of garish metallic shades and rhinestones, the simple white beads against black ribbon makes them very wearable.

I also got a new nail varnish, one of Barry M’s glitter paint, which I have been dying to try for a while. Different to a glitter topcoat, the sparkles on my nails are intense and so pretty, I chose the grey-blue colour because I figured it would go with much more. (I was right).
Urban Outfitters-

I again brought little things, candles, lights and mugs, etc etc etc
Panda mug
This is quite possibly one of the cutest useful things ever- Sleepy Panda= Cold tea I will never forget my tea again!

Candle and night light

I also brought some presents for people, including this gorgeous smelling candle in a jar. I personally think jar candles are great as they prevent wax spillage and lessen the possibility of a flame catching onto something in your room. the L.E.D rose light is also one of those cute and quirky things Urban Outfitters do that compliment any room.
From H&M-

Black jumper with Japanese writing and a black tshirt dress
-Because you can never have enough grey and black in your wardrobe.
Also tshirt dresses are the comfiest things to wear. And I have a slight jumper addiction…

Finally Yesstyle (the UK site)-

Mist bottle
A mini empty mist bottle by 3ConceptEyes so that I can fit my face mist into my bag without taking the whole thing everywhere with me.

Plastic reusable drinks tumbler- drink frappes in style!
As a lover of frappuccinos and iced teas/coffees, this is definitely an investment worth the money. I also like to make homemade iced drinks so having a tumbler to now hold them in is perfect. I’m also hoping I can fit a large straw in so that I can have bubble tea in it too. (Btw- The writing says ‘Calming and cool’ in Korean)
Navy Fleeced Sweater
This amazingly cool and clever jumper says all the fashion capitals,
substituting one letter with a Korean letter that sounds like the English is pronounced.
E.g. Neㅠ York, ㅠ = yu, New York.
ㅅeoul, ㅅ = s, Seoul.

There you have it, more or less everything I’ve brought this past month (that I could be bothered to photograph)! What’s your favourite shops to buy in?
Let me know in the comments!

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