As I hadn’t asked for anything but a laptop battery (sad I know) for Christmas, I received many unexpected presents. One was this very attractive looking bath set from Ted Baker.

‘Ted Abbey’ is not only in ridiculously pretty packaging, you get a fair bit inside as well…

Bath foam I’m not really sure what the bath foam does but I’m assuming it’s…foamy? Okay, I’ve read the description and it’s like bubble bath which makes me ridiculously excited because the combination of vanilla, sandalwood, raspberry and rose smells divine. It’s the same smell as the body soufflé which makes a nice change to the quite intense smell of the other products which contain patchouli (not a fragrance for everyone).

Body lotion The body lotion comes in a decent sized tube and has the same smell as the rest of the products, again, the smell is quite string so if you usually wear perfume, just check it doesn’t clash with the lotions fragrance.

Body soufflé Having had the body soufflé and body scrub both before- I can vouch for their worth. The soufflé is rich and creamy lie body butter and smells sooo nice. It’s really moisturising and a thin layer goes a long way.

Body scrub The body scrub is excellently at getting rid of dead skin and dirt, I usually use Soap & Glory’s ‘Flake Away’ but I must say that Ted Baker’s  is up there with it. However, the perfumed smell is a bit more intense so if you’re not great with smelly bath products, or you just don’t like the fragrance- this isn’t for you.

Hand cream This cream is really lovely. As I was running out of my current hand cream (which wasn’t really that great) I’m super happy to have got another, and one that smells so nice (can you see the theme here?) As I really like to take care of my hands, here’s hoping the cream moisturises as well as it suggests. The consistency seems quite thick so I shouldn’t have to use to much, prolonging it’s life.

Hard soap & Body wash This soap was almost too pretty too unwrap. I don’t usually use hard soap, and I’m more likely to use the body wash first but I’ll  look forward to seeing if this is any good.  The body wash seems to be a pretty standard fragrant wash, but at least I’ll smell great!

What do you think? Do you think it’s worth getting gift set like these for Christmas and birthdays? Comment below!

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