New Chapters

December 16, 2014

When entering a new chapter in your life what does one do?
Naturally- start of a blog.

Why wait for the New Year to start something new?

Halfway through university, autumn term has just finished and I have given in an application to complete an additional year studying abroad.

As something I have been thinking about for about three years, needless to say I am ecstatic at the possibility of my fanciful plans actually coming to fruit. I have sent off the initial application, personal statement and references, however there are several stages to the process. I still have to be offered an interview, pass this, apply for the university directly, and then (finally) be offered a place by them. This will all take approximately three months (I should know around March next year). Of course after that the real fun of visas and raising money can really begin.

 In this blog I plan to track my progress through the rest of the application and (If all goes well) my experiences whilst on my study abroad. Of course as I shall not be going abroad until next year, I shall try to keep you occupied with bits and bobs in my life at the minute. 


Yemmi x

A very excited and hopeful Yasmin x

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